Astrology for June-July 2021

Cold, rain, snow, short days, long nights. Rest, stay inside, cuddle up, keep warm. Find a source of firewood, unfurl the woollen blankets, and prepare for hibernation. Slow down. Like the sap in the trees descending into the earth. The wombat family moving further into their burrow. Listen to the intuitive knowledge of the seasons in your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Respond to the wintering that Solstice invites.

Honour the Sun’s journey farthest north by stretching to the edge of your boundaries. Use this time to reflect on and review the past 12 months. Let new ideas, projects, and ways of thinking come to light to be developed in the next cycle.

Three planets change direction

The Solstice coincides with giant planet Jupiter coming to a halt at 2Pisces11 and turning retrograde on his journey back into Aquarius. Jupiter in Pisces since mid-May has favoured showing compassion to yourself and others. This theme returns in late December and for the first part of 2022. Mercury turns direct on 23 June, supporting the smooth flow of communications, travel, financial matters, and contract negotiations. In contrast, on 26 June, ethereal planet Neptune turns retrograde at 23Pisces11. Be wary of falling into a fog with confusion, deception, or illusion. Use mindfulness, yoga, or meditation to maintain your focus on the present. Try this excellent guided meditation from Tara Brach.

Cancer/Capricorn polarity will be activated this month

Venus opposite Pluto on 24 June could bring up power issues between you and another person. This may end a relationship that needs to be let go. It could also be a time for allowing concerns or hurts to surface and be aired with the purpose of being resolved. This is delicate work. Use the diplomatic skills of Venus to navigate carefully through this sensitive terrain. Keep self-critical Capricorn tendencies to a minimum if possible. You could benefit from a relationship reading with Astrotessa. This gives an overview of your relating styles and needs. It also identifies what is happening now compared to when the relationship began. This can help explain why certain issues have come up.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on 25 June offers good energy for business growth or expansion. The lunar glow could shine the spotlight on planning and also on who takes responsibility in the family (Cancer Sun). Set the goals you want to achieve in the next month. Try to balance work and family obligations. Even though social pressure says to spend more time at work and earning money, the value of your family and home life cannot be underestimated. Think about your priorities and set your intentions at the Full Moon.

Love, spiritual awareness and situational hazards

The planet of love, relationship and beauty, Venus, moves into Leo on 27 June adding warmth, social connection and fun. Venus can be seen in the evening sky alongside Mercury. Intuition and spiritual awareness increase as the Moon conjoins Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces on 29 June and 30 June. Pisces and other water sign people are likely to be more sensitive around these dates. This energy could inspire a new poem, painting, song or artistic design.

Learn to walk a tightrope on 1 July when what you want to do is questioned by the authorities (Mars opposite Saturn). Be careful that frustrations do not boil over and cause accidents on 4 July (Mars square Uranus). There may be an urge to separate from a relationship that is not working or a lack of confidence about your self on 7 July (Venus opposite Saturn). Try to lower your expectations of others around this time. Go easy on yourself and practice self-compassion daily.

Nurture your family life

The New Moon in Cancer on 10 July can be excellent for family gatherings or tribal rituals. We can all benefit from activities that will strengthen the bonds of affection, respect, and love in our lives. Make the time to cherish those special people in your life. Light a candle for those who have passed or who are facing challenges at this time.

As the Sun prepares to leave the sign of Cancer, it forms an opposition to Pluto on 18 July indicating a time for endings and beginnings. This is the cycle of life, death, and rebirth in motion. Our community is often witness to families experiencing loss and grief. This solar contact with plutonian energy may bring this into sharper focus.

Towards the end of this update on 22 July, the emphasis on health, wellbeing and work increases (Venus enters Virgo). This could open a space for new insights using body-work and emotional resilience for healing trauma (Venus opposite Jupiter). Book a massage or a healing session and take advantage of this dynamic planetary opposition along the ‘healing polarity’ (Pisces/Virgo).

Thanks to Miikka Luotio on Unsplash for the photograph.

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