Say hello to routine. Focus on you. Sun in Virgo.

At 7:35am AEST on Monday 23 August, the Sun enters the earth sign of Virgo.

Say hello to routine. Get into the groove. Eat regularly. Take the medicines you need to keep strong and healthy. Go to your stretch or yoga class (online). Walk (your dog) at the same time every day. Feed your children/partner/chickens healthy greens from the garden.

Dig into the detail. Get down to earth. Yield to the practical. Make health and wellbeing a priority. Fill your cup with a healing brew. Focus on you. These messages from the Virgo Sun are a timely reminder that making changes in your own life can make a difference, especially when we cannot change what is happening in the outside world. 

Later in the evening on Monday 23 August is a favourable time to structure and plan your finances, and review your commitment to relationship (Venus trine Saturn). You might decide to invest in a Relationship Reading to understand how you and your important person connect through astrology. This reading looks at each of your birth charts and creates a new chart for the relationship. We can use this relationship chart to see what is happening for you both now and into the future. This reading is relevant for all types of relationships: parent/child, partner/partner, business associates, siblings, grandparent/grandchild.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need

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On Wednesday 25 August, your ideals and imagination confront the practicalities of the real world (Mercury opposite Neptune). This could lead to a change in how you communicate your deepest needs. A transformation could occur, especially where a power imbalance distorts your ability to get what you need in a relationship (27 August Mercury trine Pluto).

Perhaps your thoughts turn to compromise. You may ask yourself ‘what is fair?’ Legal matters are on your mind. You want harmony and balance but may have to accept the differences and be tactful to get resolution (30 August Mercury enters Libra).

In early September, it could be difficult to act. There could be confusion about the information (3rd September Mars opposite Neptune). Innovative ways to handle restrictions may emerge. Or you might overthink your boundaries, feeling separated and worried about your loss of freedom (5th September Mercury trine Saturn).

On Monday 6 September, problems in relationships could arise (Venus square Pluto). However, by the evening, these issues dissolve into loving acts of kindness and affection (Mars trine Pluto; Venus trine Jupiter).

Focus on you. Be mentally flexible.

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The New Moon in Virgo (7 September) is likely to deepen the focus on health issues. An unpredictable factor could bring sudden changes that have a positive effect on your wellbeing (Sun/Moon trine Uranus). Be mentally flexible. Open your mind to information from sources beyond the usual channels. Even if restrictions persist, you can be free to think and feel and believe what you choose. Practice daily rituals that support your health and happiness.

The tendency to dive deep within your relationships increases after 11 September (Venus enters Scorpio). The veil of confusion is likely to stay. The fading memory of what was ‘normal’ disappears like a setting sun. As during the bushfires in 2019-2020, the world seems surreal and unimaginable (14 September Sun opposite Neptune). Tap into free guided meditations from Tara Brach to nourish your heart in these difficult times.

These experiences could be alarming if you were going through them alone. However, the situation is widespread. What you experience is shared with all the people you know. From 15 September, there is scope for finding the middle ground through negotiation and seeing both sides of the issue (Mars enters Libra).

This could be the turning point. Keep your mind tuned in to the messages from your subconscious. Being creative can help to unlock your inner core and support you through these challenges. Practice micro acts of bravery if you are feeling vulnerable. Take space to be with yourself in your favourite environment. Connect with a friend or family member who knows you well.

The love and understanding of a friend, like a deep well of the purest water, refreshes the very source of our being.

Tara Brach (2021), Trusting the Gold: Uncovering Your Natural Goodness, Sounds True, Boulder CA

The upsurge of feeling in the world due to widespread lockdown restrictions and the news from Afghanistan is unsettling. I have embedded tips throughout this article on how to remain connected and nourished during these challenging times. Please let me know if you have any tips to share with our community of readers. 

Kindly, Tessa

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