Astrology update 23 July – 22 August 2021

Wake up your sense of play and fun! The Sun enters the fire sign of Leo on 23 July…it’s party time. Like sunshine on a winter’s day, the Leo Sun lightens the mood and puts a smile on your face. Leo energy loves to laugh and enjoy life. This is a great weekend to hold an outdoor social event with lots of games and hilarity. Shine your light onto the world. Warm the hearts of your loved ones. Lead them into happiness and make sure not to tell them what to do; that would ruin the fun.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on 24 July brings novelty and the urge to “Do something different”. Look for opportunities to converse and network while the Moon is in air element. Be yourself and say what you think. If you have radical ideas about life and want to make changes, now is the time to seek out like-minded people to work with you and develop the campaign.

Mercury moving swiftly through the sign of Cancer since 12 July has helped you to express what you are feeling. This has prepared you to let go of the past and focus on your future self (Mercury opposes Pluto on 26 July). Be conscious of the power play. Who goes out to work; who gets housework done? Can this balance shift?

At the end of the month, Jupiter leaves Pisces and re-enters Aquarius (29 July). Communications and technology come into play. Mars moves into Virgo on 30 July, quietening your social life after a busy week. Use this energy to till your garden in readiness for spring plantings. Virgo brings practical, healing attitudes, therefore this period is ideal for undergoing treatment or changing your routine.

Daffodils in the sunlight
Daffodils bloom as the final winter cycle is born. Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Delays and blockages in early August (Sun opposite Saturn on 3 August), could make it harder to get things done and cause frustration or exhaustion. But the upbeat New Moon in Leo on 8 August heralds another party weekend. Have fun around the firepit. Daffodils bloom as the final winter moon cycle is born. Celebrate the sunrise.

Do not pin your hopes on anything that is said or done on 10 August because it could turn out to be an illusion (Venus opposite Neptune). However, do tap into the outpouring of love and spiritual energy in this dynamic. Create stunning works of art, music, poetry, or writing and save practical tasks for later in the week (Mercury enters Virgo on 12 August). You may renew your interest in relating to others from 16 August (Venus into Libra). Libran energy encourages us to compromise for the sake of harmony.

On 20 August, take advantage of expanding networks to instigate new business contacts and advertise your wares (Sun opposite Jupiter). Celebrate the second Full Moon in Aquarius this month (22 August) one day before the Sun moves into Virgo. Two Aquarian full moons in one solar cycle reinforces the unique flavour of this astrological period. This is an excellent time for new ideas, community networking and discussing your views on worldly issues. Get your personalised monthly Astrodigest delivered to your inbox.

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Cover photo by Pauline 🦋📷 on Unsplash

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