Leo New Moon: Let the sun shine in

16Leo14  11:50pm  Saturday 8 August 2021 AEST

Playful, kind, warm-hearted fun accompanies the New Moon in Leo this weekend. 

Sun/Moon in fire sign

This fire energy represents joy and happiness. It aims to put a smile on your face and fill your belly with laughter. It can be a welcome distraction from the restriction and fear that many people have been experiencing. Welcome this warm, unfettered love into your world. Let yourself relax back into the glow of kindness and benevolence that flows from the Moon and Sun conjoining in Leo. Make a fire outside or light candles to evoke the energy of Leo in your world.

Domestic performance

Sun/Moon in 4th house

In your home, the Leo New Moon is a great time for activities that allow people to express their creativity and their spontaneity. Make space for performance and let leadership emerge. Be impressed by the diversity of ideas and ways in which your friends and family present themselves. Pay attention to assertive young people who enjoy making everyone happy. 

Image by callum pastuszak on unsplash

When the Moon is New, a fresh cycle is beginning and there is no point in being sad, especially when the New Moon is in Leo. 

Sun/Moon in Leo

At this time of the year, when the Sun and the Moon are in the sign of Leo, entertainment and drama is the name of the game. If you live somewhere where theatres are still operating, this is an ideal weekend to enjoy live performance. The uplift that you receive from watching dramatic artistry is amazing. This is the fire energy of Leo in action. If you can’t get to the theatre, then bring out your own drama queen and parade her around – she will be in her element this month 😊

Kindness and generosity

Jupiter opposite Mercury

Be proud of the kindness and generosity that you generate through simple acts of inclusion and broad-mindedness. Indulge your impulse to do things in a “big way” and let someone else worry about the details. Be the host for others to enjoy this light energy and get inspired by their pleasure.

Image by Sasint

Leo energy can illuminate the good in others 

Sun/Moon conjunct Mercury in Leo

Now is your chance to bring sunshine into the lives of those around you. Fill your world with warmth, loyalty, generosity, and fairness. Have faith and enthusiasm in your visions and in your life. Throw yourself wholeheartedly into the fray. Create your own personal and distinctive style. Be noticed and appreciated for the bright spark of love that you bring into our lives.

Get inspired by this new publication: The kindness revolution: How we can restore hope, rebuild trust and inspire optimism. Allen & Unwin (2021), Crows Nest NSW

Themes in your life or in the media this month:

  • Nobility and courage
  • Respect 
  • Beauty 
  • Majesty and pride 
  • Self-discovery 
  • The quest to be unique and important 
  • Feeling upbeat and confident 
  • Social prestige. 

Don’t be surprised by the surprises

Uranus square Sun/Moon

Unexpected changes occur with regularity in our lives, even though we aim for control. This new Moon offers a chance to consider what is real and what your live is about. The energy of rapid change and sudden events forms a tense angle with the Leo New Moon. Try to use this tension to sharpen your innovative skills and look for a different perspective on a situation that has been bothering you. 

Heal old wounds and find your voice

Sun/Moon trine Chiron

The combined energy of the New Moon and the Sun in Leo, in harmony with the wounded healer, Chiron, makes it possible to make progress with healing old wounds during this lunar cycle. This dynamic flow of fire energies could allow you to speak up about experiences of trauma or marginalisation that you have buried deep. An assertive drive supports you to take a stand and the Leo Sun/Moon makes it possible to do this in public, with confidence and kindness. Learn more about astrocounselling services.

Make isolation and separation a thing of the past

Image by priscilla du preez

Sun/Moon opposite Saturn

The intensity of pressure from the cosmos boundary-maker (Saturn) will ease as the New Moon comes into being. We have been forced to a new level of responsibility for other people’s safety and security due to COVID. This will decrease over the coming cycle. We will be okay to think about our own wellbeing first. Leo has a strong will to create and be self-reliant. There is a definite clash when restrictions are imposed from outside. As this trend subsides, you will experience more freedom. This could include being able to make decisions based on your needs rather than on the determinations of the government.

Feast on this newfound freedom to be yourself, which the Leo lunar cycle represents.



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