The Cosmic Gathering

Astrology describes our connection with Nature and the forces at work in the cosmos. In March 2022, we bear witness to The Cosmic Gathering as all the planets assemble in one half of the horoscope. This condensed cosmic energy is having an impact on the Earth.

The world is in conflict. People are overwhelmed for many reasons. The real possibility of nuclear war. Petrol price increases. Economic inflation. Extreme and dangerous weather events resulting from climate change.

These events, and our response to them, can be attributed to the Cosmic Gathering. When all the planetary and the solar and lunar energies transmit to Earth from such a confined area of the cosmos, we can expect tension, conflict, and crisis.

Pisces New Moon, Thursday 3 March 2022 in Australia

For some people, these conditions result in an urge to escape. For others, there is a need to give and receive safety and compassion. This level of pressure can also generate confusion, misinformation, and rebellion.

In this article, the dynamics of The Cosmic Gathering are explained and discussed. My intention is to bring hope in the face of challenge. I want to empower you to step back from the overwhelm and look at the big picture.

Using Astrology to understand what is happening gives us a rationale for action. We understand why it is necessary to prepare for these conditions and how we can use this energy for our highest purpose.

Most things in life have at least two sides: the reality and the shadow of the reality. When the Sun and Moon come together in the sign of Pisces, both intuition and illusion are activated.


Intuition is a powerful assistant that can guide us to make important life decisions. Also called a ‘gut feeling’, or instinct, intuition can be an accurate source of guidance that provides a different perspective to our intellect and our emotions.

You don’t need to be a psychic to have intuition. Every living creature has this faculty. Most people use their intuition at certain times, for instance when you:

  • First meet a person, your intuition tells you whether they will be a friend or an enemy
  • Go for a job interview, you sense whether you will be comfortable working there
  • Rent or buy a house, you get a gut feeling for the space and its location
  • If you move to a new city, you might use your intuition to find the perfect neighbourhood
  • Seek a mentor, your intuition guides you in deciding who to select and who to avoid.


Illusion is characterised by dream, fantasy, and wishful thinking. It can be helpful when we need to kick back and relax, or escape the pressures of everyday life. The movie-industry thrives on this desire to indulge our imagination through fiction, fantasy, drama, and romance.

Illusion can also be useful when selling the idea that we will be happier if we purchase a product. The media can push public opinion in a particular direction using the illusion that they are telling the truth.

In the political context, illusion can take the form of propaganda. This dangerous type of illusion is often used by a dominant culture to keep Indigenous knowledges hidden.

Remember the history lessons about Australian settlement being okay because there were no Indigenous people occupying this land before the British arrived? That was a deliberate illusion. It took more than 200 years to tell the truth of this story (see Mabo Case)

War in The Cosmic Gathering

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces on 21 February 2022 has threatened to destroy a society, ruin cultural artefacts and buildings, and separate families. This war consists of the elements that appear in the Pisces New Moon chart:

  • Desire and aggression (Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn)
  • Ambition and destruction (Venus/Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn)
  • Humanitarian crisis and rebellion (Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius)
  • The illusion that nothing can be done to prevent it (Sun/Moon/Jupiter in Pisces)

These conditions result in a sense of overwhelm similar to the impact of natural disasters. The current floods along the east coast of Australia, the tsunami in Tonga, and the 2022 bushfires in Western Australia are three local events that prove our planet is in crisis.

However, some news media promote the idea that nothing can be done. This commentary can motivate us to spring into action with Pisces generosity and compassion. Or it can drive us into the Pisces shadow where we seek to numb the overwhelm with alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, or sleep.

Generosity and compassion

The incredible thing about nature is that it always fights for survival when under threat. And the most heartening part of humanity is that people tend to give generously when the chips are down. I like to think about the following statement at the start of a popular movie:

Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don’t see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often it’s not particularly dignified, or newsworthy – but it’s always there – fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. Before the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate and revenge – they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion you’ll find that love actually is all around.’

Love Actually script

Compassion, empathy, and spiritual connection come to the fore under the sign of Pisces. It is comforting that these sentiments are also activated by the Cosmic Gathering. The positive global response to recent events has been expansive (Jupiter conjunct Sun/Moon):

  • Neighbouring countries opening their borders to Ukrainian refugees.
  • Businesses collecting goods, cash, and resources for the victims of war and floods.
  • People helping residents trapped on their roof in rising flood waters.

Freedom, sovereignty, and rebellion

One timely aspect in the Pisces New Moon chart is behind the protests and rebellion against the Russian invasion (Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius). This combined energy inspires acts of authenticity and innovation. It also mobilises the voice of the people through strategic thinking and radical expression.

Like First Nations peoples’ continuous connection to country, the people of Ukraine have a deep relationship to their land, their culture, and their sovereignty. It makes sense that the invading forces have met with resistance from Ukrainian citizens taking up arms. This is the kind of action we would expect from an Aquarian influence.

Breaking free of oppression. Standing strong in your tribe. Thinking outside of the square. Being true to yourself and your principles. Being inventive and experimental. These Aquarian characteristics make a valuable contribution to the outcome of the conflict.


As the Pisces New Moon perfects before dawn on Thursday, take time to examine how you are feeling and reacting to the Cosmic Gathering. These questions are offered as a guide:

  • Are you stuck in a state of confusion or overwhelm?
  • Do you recognise what is real and what is illusionary in your life?
  • Have you or your business made a contribution to flood or war relief?
  • How have you been generous or fearful?
  • Did you make time for spiritual practice today?
  • Are you generating compassion for your self and others?
  • Do you plan to take the escape route?
  • Watched any good movies lately?

Look forward to reading your comments in response.

Kindly, Tessa

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