Life under the Aquarian Sun

The Sun moving into Aquarius increases our capacity for self-expression and helps us to restructure our lives. A key word for Aquarius is freedom.

The symbol for Aquarius comes from an image of water being poured from a jug. However Aquarius is not a water sign associated with feelings, it is an air sign associated with thoughts.

The stream of water represents stored ideas that are being released.

Traditionally ruled by Saturn, a conservative force in the universe, the modern planetary ruler Uranus tends to be unpredictable and rebellious.

Aquarius is the home of liberation, reform, and innovation.

The mythology of this sign concerns the story of how Prometheus rebelled against the gods by passing the knowledge of fire to humans. He was punished by Zeus, who bound him with chains and sent an eagle to eat his immortal liver every day, which then grew back every night. Prometheus was finally released from this torment when Chiron, the wounded healer, exchanged places with him.

Prometheus can be considered a role-model for radical protest.

While not everyone will take to the streets in protest, we can all help to create a just and peaceful world. This is the time of year to consider what action you will take to advance change and liberation in 2023.

When the Sun is in Aquarius, it is time to take radical, authentic and revolutionary action.

Focus on what you can do to increase freedom and authenticity in your life and in the lives of those around you. Use this energy to innovate and experiment with new ideas and try different ways of communicating.

Aquarius energy also thrives on networking and getting organised. Take the initiative to join groups, social movements, or become active in your neighbourhood.

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Looking at the month ahead

It will be important to define your own terms during the Aquarian season.

If you have any difficulties with people, try having a clear and frank discussion with them on 23 January 2023. Things are more likely to fall into place after this date.

Tune into the soft underbelly of emotion from late January as Venus moves into Pisces. Use your imagination to bring love and devotion into your life.

In early February, space and autonomy could be an issue in relationships.

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Planetary connections this month

DateAEDTPlanetary connectionLikely outcomes
20-Jan7:30pmCapricorn Moon MercuryYour capacity for business-like thinking increases.
7:55pmAquarius SunRadical or alternative lifestyles become more acceptable. Form a group with like-minded people.
22-Jan2:52amCapricorn Moon PlutoSerious issues receive your attention as you work through the steps required to achieve your goals.
22-Jan7:53amAquarius New MoonChinese New Year brings fresh ideas and dreams.
23-Jan9:13amAquarius Venus SaturnThis combination of cosmic energies will facilitate better boundaries in relationships. Now is the time for you to tell others what you need. You are likely to gain acceptance and respect for being authentic.
 9:58amTaurus Uranus direct
8:24pmAquarius Moon Saturn
9:19pmAquarius Moon Venus
25-Jan6:42pmPisces Moon NeptuneA dreamy, imaginative, or perplexing evening.
26-Jan2:18pmAries Moon JupiterAggressive energies are on the rise today, so disagreements need to be handled with care.
27-Jan1:33pmPisces VenusRelationships take on an emotional hue. Improve your empathy, compassion, and intuition.
29-Jan2:37pmTaurus Moon UranusThis is a great day to look at the practical elements of your life from a new perspective.
31-Jan3:27pmGemini Moon MarsGood for transactions, conversations, and deals.
3-Feb11:09pmCancer Moon opp MercuryYou may be too moody to think straight today.
4-Feb5:19pmCancer Moon opp PlutoBe kind to yourself if you clash with authority.
6-Feb5:29amLeo Full MoonCelebrate the fun and happy diversity of life!
7-Feb1:15amLeo Moon opp SaturnYesterday’s loving energy could be flattened by the reality of obligations and commitments.
8-Feb2:01pmVirgo Moon opp VenusThis is an excellent day for any healing activity.
9-Feb7:40amVirgo Moon opp NeptuneAdd creativity to all those tasks you must do.
10-Feb11:02amLibra Moon opp JupiterThe mood is feisty, adventurous, and loving – this is a good day for art, music, and friendship.
11-Feb4:16amCapricorn Mercury PlutoYour plans are working due to good organisation.
10:22pmAquarius MercuryWacky, weird, and inventive ideas begin to bloom.
13-Feb9:43amScorpio Moon opp UranusStrong feelings about unusual physical events.
15-Feb1:06pmSagittarius Moon opp MarsTalk about putting your beliefs into action. Spend time with loved ones who share your dreams.
11:25pmPisces Venus Neptune
17-Feb3:48amAquarius Sun SaturnA great day to launch new ideas and plans.
18-Feb3:18pmCapricorn Moon PlutoYou have the power to deliver what is needed.
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