Scorpio Full Moon

Monday 27 April 2021 1:33pm AEST

Super Moon

07o Scorpio 07’ Opposite Venus; Square Saturn; Opposite Uranus

The 2021 Autumn Full Moon coincides with the Moon’s closest approach to the Earth in its elliptic orbit (perigee). She will appear bigger and brighter than usual; hence she is known as a ‘Super Moon’. 

Being in the water sign of Scorpio intensifies the impact of this Full Moon, which has powerful transformative potential. Scorpio energises our sensitivity and increases our awareness of feelings. Forget the idea of relating in a non-emotional way. Scorpio Full Moon energy comes from the Underworld.

Unconscious thoughts or habits often surface when the Moon is in Scorpio. This means that desires and needs are more important than usual. And if you can’t get what you want, you might feel jealous, resentful and distressed.

All of us are likely to feel the call of desire within relationships under the Scorpio Moon. We want deep connections that are meaningful and intense. This can be a good time for deep and meaningful conversations that would not happen at other times when our guards are up.

The Scorpio Full Moon will acutely affect those born in late October because it falls on the same point that the Sun was at your birth. This is a good time for you to let go things you no longer need and step forward with determination.

Let your imagination have fun with this energy. Look out for unexpected developments in a relationship that has been bubbling away for a long time. Don’t be surprised though if delays and blockages come from an unusual source. Be innovative, imaginative and passionate with those you love. Spend time with your feelings and give space to your desires.

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