Get things going : Pluto, Saturn Jupiter change direction

October is a dynamic month in the astrological year of 2021 because new energies begin to flow into your life. After a long period of inward focus, these changes will be refreshing. You can get things going.

As the motion of the outer planets changes from retrograde to direct, the power of these energies will be released externally and this could resolve issues that have been delayed all year. As a result, your life will start to move on.

Major changes will occur in three areas of your life.

Endings and beginnings

Firstly, powerful endings and beginnings have a deep impact on your life (Pluto stations direct at 24Capricorn18 on 7 October 2021). As a result, these experiences are unavoidable. They dig deep into your psyche. Pluto is a far-flung planet. Its transpersonal energy reaches into buried or hidden parts of ourselves and our human collective. Therefore, the loss and grief that accompanies Pluto transits pierces the soul. It’s purpose is to release locked up energies by taking away what is no longer needed and forcing us to transform.

In loss, we are challenged to find the treasure lying underneath the rubble.

On a psychological level, Pluto energies can be seen in experiences of death, dissolution, disintegration, and decomposition. These processes are part of the cycle of life, death and renewal. We are more likely to concentrate on these topics and talk about them with other people or in the media. You could encounter an experience that brings the reality of death, loss or decline into your life and this gives you insight and meaning.

The pandemic and climate change

Our collective experience of the much-publicised COVID-19 pandemic has Pluto written all over it. The government’s response to the virus has deeply changed many people’s lives and transformed the way we socialise. As a result, lockdown restrictions have produced economic, social, emotional, and physical loss. There is a serious level of anxiety and depression in all countries across the world. The deterioration in human mental health is of real concern because it has long term consequences for future generations.

The financial power structures that exploit the earth in a destructive way relate to Pluto energy. If humans do not act as a collective to stop this destruction, then the planet’s weather will wipe us out. Human life is under threat due to high carbon emissions and a change in policy direction is required to transform the situation. Scientists warn that, at this stage, we can possibly ease the ghastly future but we need to act now. If these topics cause distress in your life, here are a few tips to navigate Pluto energies.

Tips for dealing with loss and change

  • Find a source of support and empathy to debrief and release strong emotions
  • Keep a gratitude journal to maintain a ‘glass half full’ attitude to life
  • Maintain physical exercise to release frustration and to induce better sleep
  • Ask your GP to monitor your emotional and physical health
  • Enrol in a course to learn mindfulness meditation and practice loving kindness daily
  • Spend time in nature, walking, drawing, swimming, climbing, planting a garden
  • Listen to or play music, look at or create art, write or read poetry, laugh, sing, play
  • Give yourself a hug
woman hugging herself
Photograph by De Andre Bush on Unsplash

Freedom and structure

Secondly, you get things going in how you structure and organise your life (Saturn stations direct at 06Aquarius52 on 11 October 2021). Your freedom to move about in the world has been blocked in recent times.

Liberating yourself from the imposed restrictions will be a strong inner driver over the next few months. Your boundaries around how much contact you have with other people are likely to stretch as you make room for your unique individuality to be expressed. This restructuring process may be tentative for some people. Saturn energies tend to be hesitant and circumspect. You will want a plan.

Your plan may include a new approach to the way you communicate and learn. The changes to education, business and personal communications could become part of your daily routine. Connecting with people online and working from home has been great, because it has increased your freedom to structure your days differently. As a result, you now understand how to retain this freedom as you re-enter real time.

There will be an improvement in your ability to plan for practical and creative goals. Your ideals and dreams of the future can now become real. Seek and join groups of like-minded people with whom to share your journey. These associations allow you to express yourself more freely and experiment with new kinds of relationships.

Photo by Johnell Pannell on unsplash
Photograph by Johnell Pannell on Unsplash

Spiritual awareness

Thirdly, you will want to get things going in your growth and development as a spiritually aware person (Jupiter stations direct at 22 Aquarius 19 on 18 October 2021).

Spiritual nourishment comes from human contact and we need other people for hope and trust in life. Under the lockdown restrictions we had to find other ways of keeping our faith in the future alive. For many people, spiritual connection came from solo activities like meditation, art, music, craft. It is likely that you mingled less in the community and focussed more on your immediate family and friends. Your garden or your dog or cat or chickens benefitted from your attention and engagement.

As Jupiter energy moves forward and you can be in groups of people again, your spiritual connections will grow and develop in a new direction. Comradeship and alliance nurture hope. As you gather with others for song, theatre, exercise or worship, your consciousness of the spiritual world will expand. After this long period of absence, your heart will grow fonder.

The coming months will be excellent for actioning social justice and humanitarian issues. There is likely to be an up swell of activity around climate change, freedom and fellowship. Get involved in the things that you believe in. Try not to take on too many projects in this period. The shadow side of Jupiter energy is a mania that can lead to burn-out or breakdown.


October 2021 stands out as a significant junction in our psychological, organisational and spiritual lives. Being aware of these changes is positive because it can help you make the most of the inherent opportunities for acceptance, freedom and growth. A consultation with Astrotessa will enable you to gain insight into how these changes will affect you personally. You may also decide that it is time to get support so that you can manage this period effectively. As a result of the consultation, you will be able to navigate these astrological influences and arrive at a happy outcome.

Kindly, Tessa

Thanks for Divya Agrawal on Unsplash for cover photograph

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