Scorpio New Moon: Journey Into The Unknown

Scorpio season invites us to take a journey into the unknown emotional landscape of our lives. Today and tomorrow, we have an opportunity to explore our feelings as the Moon becomes dark or new in Scorpio on Friday 5 November at 8:15am AEDT.

Use this time of ending and beginning to let go of hesitancy or fear. Glide gently into how you are feeling inside. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and ask yourself, what do I feel in the darkness?

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Creative inspiration

This month, as we begin the next stage in dealing with the crises that have dominated our lives since the turn of the decade, it is time to be creative. Our feelings have been swimming giant waves of change. The speed and spread of the virus exposed us to uncontrollable stress. Even if you live somewhere not immediately impacted, travel restrictions have forced you to connect in new ways with your loved ones and changed the way you work. You may have buried your feelings about these experiences at the time. The New Moon will allow your feelings to surface.

This new moon in Scorpio offers a couple of outlets to release the pressure and restore balance in our lives. Allow your emotions to creatively inspire you. Paint, sculpt, weave, draw, mosaic, sing, dance or write from your heartfelt emotions. Uranus opposing the New Moon in Scorpio will support you to express yourself authentically tonight.

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Make a plan to escape your neighbourhood

The second inspiring suggestion from the Scorpio New Moon chart involves restructuring your life and finding ways to step outside your usual routine (Aquarius Saturn square Scorpio Sun/Moon). Most of us have had to accept a limited lifestyle during lockdown. Now is the time to make a plan to escape and venture into the big wide world called life.

Start communicating with a new group of people outside of your usual circle. Organise to connect with those you love by arranging a holiday or rendezvous. This plan could involve activities that you have not done before. Stretch the edge of your feelings and leap into the unknown. Be surprised and delighted!

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Deep cleaning yourself and making a fresh start

Scorpio energy is perfect for deep cleaning your home, your life and your self. Get into those cracks and crevices where little fragments of discarded feelings fell during an emotional scene. This is an ideal activity for the New Moon. As you scrub and wash down the surfaces in your house, pay attention to your emotional surfaces. Give them a workover as well. If you need some inspiration or support, book an Astrology Counselling session with Tessa.

A fresh start is possible every time the lunar cycle comes to this point. By focussing your energy on the themes of the New Moon, you tap into the seeds of the new cycle. In the next two weeks, the first in a series of eclipses will occur. Use this dark moon energy to probe the depths of your emotional world. Prepare for the intuitive and spiritual insights that come from allowing yourself to sit with your feelings (Scorpio Sun/Moon trine Pisces Neptune).

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Scorpio Sun and Moon combinations tend to be secretive, protective and private. In your own time, you can learn how to love yourself and others so that these traits become less difficult. A daily practice of Loving Kindness meditation can really help.

Kindly, Tessa

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