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I can offer you the skills to handle difficult emotions and the courage to heal situations of conflict. My services will help you to create peace and happiness in your life, satisfaction and stimulation in your work, and harmony and love in your relationships.

As a spiritually based scientific technique, Astrology combines well with psychological healing techniques to help you understand and change your life. My positive approach to Astrology and my skills as a Counsellor and Spiritual Carer support and guide you to move into your future with safety and ease.

Imagine your life without the strain of conflict and loss.

Experiment with walking away from a fight and sorting things out when the mood has quietened.  All things change but sometimes we push too hard and try to force the issue. Using insights from Astrology, you can learn how to listen for the right time to speak, and when to stay silent. 

As you get to know and understand your feelings, you will make better decisions in relationships, in your career, and in your home life.

Walk more calmly and happily in the world with Astrotessa. Be yourself and free up the energy that is locked into patterns and habits developed in the past. Your life is ready for change. Step onto the path.

Harmonise your life

Resolve your conflict

Astrological insights

I offer to you a mature and eclectic approach to Astrology, informed by real life experiences, struggles and successes.  My empathy and compassion for your life journey is genuine and comes from experience with clients or in my own life with situations including:

  • relationship issues
  • health challenges
  • infertility
  • sexual trauma
  • domestic violence
  • gender identity/ coming out to family
  • disability/loss
  • racial discrimination
  • homelessness
  • unemployment
  • anxiety/ vulnerability
  • low self-worth

As you sit there reading this, I know you’re thinking about how much you would like to resolve the conflict you have in your life and live with safety, peace, health and well-being.  You can find that inner comfort with Astrology.

The more you experience the power of Astrology to improve your life, the more you will want to know about it.

Learn how to sail more gently in your life with the help of a creative, fun and experienced Astrological Counsellor.

Services and readings

Birth Chart Reading

Birth chart readings are a perfect way to get clearer about your hopes and visions, and to understand the challenging parts of yourself that might trip you up sometimes.

The reading includes a comprehensive report that covers every aspect of your personality as seen in your Birth Chart. Find out what makes you a unique person. Learn about the types of situations and people that you are likely to be drawn to at work, in your home, and for fun and laughter.

You will be invited to explore the contents of your report in a one-hour consultation session. An audio recording of the consultation will be forwarded to you within 24 hours.

This practical approach works on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental and intuitive.  It provides a clear analysis of yourself to power up your life.  You receive validation for what has been happening and pointers to inner resources. The ultimate aim of this service is to help you heal inner hurts, clear up confused thoughts, and deal with vulnerabilities.

This is an excellent way to liberate your creativity and sense of play. It can be exciting to unlock the secrets and complexities of self  using ancient Astrological symbols. A Birth Chart reading allows you to discover all the facets of the real you; your depth and your magnificence.  With this self-understanding, you can solve the mysteries of your life and gain the freedom to shine.

Awaken to Your Self.

Year Ahead Reading

Astrologers think about time as a wheel. We see the cyclical nature of life in the movement of the Moon, Planets and Stars. Our understanding of life’s phases is based on scientific evidence from astronomy and astro-physics.

As the planets orbit the Sun, they connect with the Earth’s path from time to time. Just as the Moon’s orbit of the Earth affects the ocean tides and fertility cycles of animals and plants, we are all subject to the transiting energies of orbiting planets. This is the theory behind the Year Ahead reading.

There are three elements to this service. First, you will receive a personalised Events Calendar, which describes the experiences that are likely to occur at particular periods

Key dates are provided with a detailed explanation that helps you to plan ahead with accuracy and assurance.

Second, you will receive a Lunar Cycle Report that can be used to track when you are in a growth or waxing phase, and when you are in a consolidation or waning phase.

This is a useful adjunct for planning investments, making life changes, or deciding when to expand and when to retire.

Third, you will be invited to a one hour consultation with Tessa to ask questions and clarify information. An audio recording of the consultation will be forwarded to you within 24 hours.

Choose this service to understand the lessons and achievements waiting for you and to know how to travel your life path with success.

Enjoy the success of knowing.

Astrology Counselling

Astrology counselling gives you support and guidance with the major pressures in your life as seen through the lens of Astrology.  This framework allows you to see your current situation as a stage in a cycle of events that have a purpose and a lesson for you.

Taking a step back from yourself opens up the possibility for a new perspective, which is helpful when you are healing from trauma or loss. Tessa is trained in psychological techniques such as Psychosynthesis, Shadow Work, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.  These approaches help to tease out solutions within complex problems. The methods are nurturing and can be used in your own home or office after learning them in the counselling session.

All clients are encouraged to learn the practice of self-compassion. This is an effective and simple way to get relief from difficult feelings using guided meditation and the breath.

Astrology Counselling focuses on issues that are important to you right now.  This service takes you to a deeper level of understanding and insight as you journey through the healing process.

Deepen your experience with life.  Use Astrology as a compass to find more happiness, joy and meaning in your life.

"You're not there to save them. You're there to be an open space in which they can do whatever they need without colouring to the least degree their unfolding."
Stephen Levine
Who Dies? (1986:168)

Business Astrology

In these uncertain times, business owners are looking for trust, social cohesion and purpose.

Do you want your contributions to be recognised? Do you seek clear direction and opportunities to learn and grow? Do you have the appropriate physical and digital environment that gives you the flexibility of an elusive work-life balance?

As a business owner, it is vital that you take these needs and feelings seriously and use this time of uncertainty to change and realign your business purpose.

Business Astrology is like having your own business mentor in your hand.  At some point in your business journey, it will be important to acknowledge and understand what your business has in store for you.  Business Astrology will reinforce your inclinations, recognise why you make decisions, help you to use your instincts and intuition to take advantage of opportunistic dates.

This consultation will enable you to:

  • Understand your business dynamics,
  • Direct effective responses to your business, your clients, and your collaborators.
  • Manage your business so you don’t have to work as hard.
  • Become more structured and have more authority in all aspects of your life, including your business.
  • Make the changes that allow you and your business to authentically merge.

Business Astrology will leave you more inspired, more centred, and able to relate to your business in a truly meaningful and enjoyable way.  You will receive:

  • A personalised Events Calendar that describes the types of experiences and trends to expect and when they are likely to occur.
  • A Life Cycle report that indicates where to focus your effort right now.
  • A one-hour consultation with Tessa to ask questions and clarify information.
  • An audio recording of the consultation, forwarded to you within 24 hours.

Business Astrology is a resource to check and plan for all stages of your business.

Business Partnership Reading

business partners shaking hands

Forming a Business Partnership can be an exciting development in your business story.

Working closely with another person and sharing ideas, strategies, and goals is a proven way to increase business success. The potential for growth, expansion, and success is immediately doubled, and each partner gains from the arrangement. 

 Business owners enter a Business Partnership for various reasons including:

  • A wish to share the load and increase the business reach. 
  • A desire to find someone with a complementary skillset.
  • An offer to form a Business Partnership for a specific initiative or innovation. 

Business Partnership Astrology identifies the qualities, strengths and skills brought to the relationship by each partner. It also compares the birth charts of each partner.

Find out what makes your Partnership succeed and learn how to build on this success!


Relationship Reading

In Astrology, we specialise in working with couples and families to improve communication.  In a Relationship Reading, your chart is compared with the chart of your loved one. 

For relationships to work, there needs to be a shared understanding and respect for each other. You receive a report and a joint one hour session that covers:

  • Relating themes in each person’s birth chart
  • Where harmony and conflict occur in the relationship
  • Insights into how to heal your relationship
  • How the combined chart for the relationship is likely to play out.

Choose this service to find out: Your Moon sign and the role of the Moon in your Chart; Your intellect and How you each Love; Your Strengths, Your Challenges and How You Fit Together.

Understand and improve your relationships with others.

Caring for Self and Others

Do you feel like you don’t even have time for a cup of tea and every last bit of energy is being given to a loved one?

Guided support from Astrotessa will help you build resilience, be more present with your loved one and teach you how to open up complex and important conversations. Take time for yourself in the midst of caring for others.

Being with my mother when she died, awakened a need in me to learn about death. I wanted to know how to be with dying people.

In 2019, Midwifing Death with Dr Michael Barbarto, a well-known Palliative Care physician, taught me about the death process and the importance of truth-telling and deep listening. In 2020, Spiritual Care for Life training accredited me to work in hospital and aged care settings, and to stay with what the person gives me, empathise with their situation and reflect back the inner resources they draw upon when faced with illness or major change.

In 2021, as a Violet Initiative Guide, I support caregivers to discover their dying person’s wants and needs. The aim is to reduce the regret experienced after the person has passed. Running a Death Café for my community has improved our death literacy and our capacity for conscious living.

These lived experiences deepen my empathy for your life-death caring journey.

Nourish yourself as you care for others.

New born baby reading

When a new addition to the family is born, our hopes and dreams awaken and happiness streams through the window of the future. Find out about your new child’s strengths and gifts. Receive guidance and tips on schooling, play, health and how to parent your child to ensure they feel safe and secure. This beautifully written and packaged report will be a keepsake for the whole family.

Astrological insights into how your new baby will respond to life.


Every day the movement of the cosmos can potentially bring opportunity, challenge, love, conflict, surprise, or celebration. Knowing when and how these astrological influences will enter and affect your life is a powerful asset. 

With this knowledge in your possession, you can plan when to invest energy or effort into a situation and when to hold back and relax. If you’re facing a decision or encountering resistance, your Astrodigest will provide guidance and ideas. Your Astrodigest is personalised to tap into the unique qualities and strengths that are the gift of you.

This publication is filled with information and tips to increase your ability to navigate life and achieve your goals. You will learn where to focus your attention for maximum growth. As events start to unfold you will have insight and control over how to respond in a positive way.

Your personal Astrodigest is prepared by professional astrologer, Astrotessa. It covers the entire month of astrological changes and developments that are relevant to you. Your Astrodigest is emailed to you on the last day of the current month.

This product is based on your birth data: date, place and time. Please provide this information when you place your order online.  

Be powerful and prepared. Order your personalised Astrodigest today!

Team Astrology

Consulting an Astrologer is an empowering way to deal with the fallout from the events of 2020 and 2021.  It is important for teams to grow in the coming decade. 

We all benefit from getting a new perspective on how our team can work together with success. Individuals and couples, families and businesses can be guided with Astrology.

This service provides you with a report that reveals the key characteristics of team members using Astrology.  This can help the team to work more effectively and assist in making decisions about which direction to take when it comes to a fork in the road.  It will become a foundation for the future.

Better understand and manage your team dynamics with this unique service.  If you think about what you really need in business, you begin to realise that you have only one choice to make and that is to invest in you, choose this service.

As you develop a better understanding of the team, you will also learn about gratitude and how to recognise the essential clues in the give and take of business viability.

Keep your team humming with happiness through Astrology.

Use Astrology to guide you through challenging times and shine a light on the path ahead.

Help your business, your team and your workplace thrive.

Local Space Astrology

Plan your home and your garden using Local Space Astrology.

This is a new form of astrology that will have an amazing impact on your life.  Imagine seeing your birth chart laid out in the four directions: North, South, East and West.  When we align the energies of your birth chart with the magnetic energies of earth, we open up the possibility of increasing your power for personal growth and unlocking the doors to achieving more harmony and balance in your life.

The potential benefits of this information are unlimited.

"This being human is a guest house
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honourably.
[She] may be clearing you out for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond."
13th Century Persian poet


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