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Imagine what your life would be like without the negativity of ongoing conflict.  Do you want to know how to bring harmony into your life, your work, your relationships?

What if there was a way that you could find solutions to all your problems?  Do you want to solve your love problems, business problems, career problems, financial problems, relationship problems, and find happiness?  With the help of my positive way of looking at your life through the science of the stars, Astrology can make your future better and decrease the strain of ongoing conflict in your life.

Learn how to step back from anger, hurt and conflict.  Imagine the difference if you could walk away from a fight and sort things out when the mood has shifted.  All things change; learn how to listen for the right time to speak and for when to be silent. As you get to know and understand your feelings, you will start to make better decisions in relationships.  Walk more calmly in the world with Astrotessa.

Harmonise your life

Resolve your conflict

Astrological insights

I offer to you a mature and eclectic approach to Astrology, informed by real life experiences, struggles and successes.  My empathy and compassion for your life journey is genuine and comes from experience with clients or in my own life with situations including:

  • relationship issues
  • health challenges
  • infertility
  • sexual trauma
  • domestic violence
  • gender identity/ coming out to family
  • disability/loss
  • racial discrimination
  • homelessness
  • unemployment
  • anxiety/ vulnerability
  • low self-worth
Tessa McPeake

As you sit there reading this, I know you’re thinking about all the conflict that you have in your life and how your life would be better without it.  You can find that inner peace with Astrology.  The more you understand the power that Astrology can have in your life, the more you will realise that you can live a life without inflaming conflict, and the more you will want to know about it.

Resolve conflict within yourself and your relationships at home and at work.

Learn how to weather the storms of your life with the help of a creative, fun and experienced Astrological Counsellor.

Featured Service

New born baby reading

When a new addition to the family is born, our hopes and dreams awaken and happiness streams through the window of the future. Find out what their strengths and their gifts will be. Receive expert guidance and tips on how to parent your child to ensure they feel safe and secure. This beautifully written and packaged report will be a keepsake for the whole family.

Get insights into how your new baby will respond to life.

Birth Chart Reading

A Practical Guide to Awakening to Self.
What does your birth chart tell you about who you really are?

This is a practical approach to spiritual awakening, working on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental and intuitive.  Your motivations, your challenges, your emotions, the way you love.

I love to share this awakening to self through Astrology with my clients.  There is a real sense of knowing and awareness that arises when looking at a chart.  Liberate your creativity and reveal the secrets and complexities of self through Astrological symbols.  Every time we look at your birth chart, we discover another facet of the real you; your depth and your magnificence. Solve the mysteries of your life. Gain the freedom to shine.

A Birth Chart reading can help you to take a step back from inner hurts, confused thoughts and vulnerabilities that keep your focus narrow or constrained.  As you begin to take in the whole picture, the entire fabric of your life unfolds before you, offering new opportunities and ways to express the real you.

This is the magic of Astrology. The gift of you.

Birth chart readings are a perfect way to get clearer about your hopes and visions.  A series of birth chart readings can help you to discover more about yourself and what makes you truly happy.  

Like a sunflower, turn your face to the sun and live a happier life. 

Awaken to Your Self.

Year Ahead and Birthday Reading

Empower your life by finding out how your year will unfold with Astrological guidance.  Understand life's phases using scientific evidence that can reassure you about where you are at in the cycle of life.

Astrologers think about time as a wheel, not as a line. We see the cyclical nature of life in the movement of the moon, planets and stars. Our understanding of life’s phases is based on scientific evidence. 

The Sun, Moon and faster-moving planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) regularly return to the same position at your birth, therefore Astrologers can predict how their current cycle will impact your life now and in the near future. 

When the cycles of the slower-moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn) conjoined in 2020, the combined energy impacted on the lives of all people living on this planet, not just you. The pandemic and the economic downturn are understood through an Astrology lens. We can see how your experience of these major events will play out within your personal birth chart. 

Live consciously, with passion and purpose. Start today. Recognise where you are on the wheel of life. Get up close and personal with the growth challenges ahead. You are being invited to journey through your life with awareness. Understand the lessons and achievements waiting for you and know that you can call on your inner resources and strengths to travel your life path with success.  The success of knowing.

Enjoy the success of knowing.

Astrotessa Counselling Session

Discover how, through mindful living practices, you can find happiness, joy & freedom from conflict.  

These sessions focus on what you bring, with insights from Astrology to reflect on current themes and events in your life. We might review what was discovered in a previous session, to find out how a challenge unfolded or an opportunity opened up for you.  You lead the journey with my intuitive. non-judgemental, listening support empowering you to go deeper and softer into a safe space, where you are connected and satisfied.

We begin with the body in which you have been born, which carries your spirit throughout this life, and invite you to take a deep breath, and another deep breath, giving you the time you need to focus.

We pay respects to the Traditional Custodians of the land on which you live, the Indigenous people of your region, and call upon the ancestral spirits of the land to be with us as we journey into a discovery of the cosmic energies embedded within you.

Mindfully, we trace your body from the souls of your feet to your torso and along your arms to your hands and fingers. We pause to feel the love in your hands as you hold your children, your lover, your ageing parents. Then we focus on your jaw, your mouth, your eyes, ears and the top of your head. 

We acknowledge the energy above your head, the Earth’s moon, the Sun, the planets and the asteroids that circulate in space.  We call upon this universal energy source to be with us in the reading and give thanks to Astrology for giving us a system to decode the messages of the life-death-rebirth journey of your soul. 

Now we are ready to go within.

Deepen your experience with life and use Astrology as a compass to find more happiness, joy and meaning in your life.

"You're not there to save them. You're there to be an open space in which they can do whatever they need without colouring to the least degree their unfolding."
Stephen Levine
Who Dies? (1986:168)

Relationship Reading

In Astrology, we specialise in working with couples and families to improve communication by offering relationship sessions in which your chart is compared with the chart of your loved one. 

For relationships to work, there needs to be a shared understanding and respect for each other. This can be achieved by looking at the polarities in each chart. For example, peace, harmony and equality are associated with the sign of Libra, which seeks connection, relationship, justice and balance. On the other side of the zodiac wheel, the sign of Aries represents competition, battle (or protest) and independent action.  Aries initiates a new approach and likes to begin things, especially adventures.  Although these energies oppose each other, they can work well together, with Aries being a self-starter and Libra joining in as a cooperative partner.  It all depends on the Astrology of people involved in a relationship.

Six zodiac polarities are found in every birth chart:

  1. Aries/Libra: initiative/collaboration
  2. Taurus/Scorpio: sensuality/passion
  3. Gemini/Sagittarius: enquiry/knowledge
  4. Cancer/Capricorn: protection/aspiration
  5. Leo/Aquarius: vitality/change
  6. Virgo/Pisces: nuture/intuition

Your birth chart will show you where you are positioned along these polarities. 

In sessions with Astrotessa, you will learn how to use the polarity energy that you have been gifted in your life with greatest effect. You will also learn to recognise the type of people or situations that represent the counterpoint energy in your life.  These insights can be applied in your relationships as a parent, a partner, a daughter or son, a sister or brother and as a member of a work team or even a community group.

Embodying the power of both energies will allow you to live consciously, with passion and purpose.

Unlock the energies in your birth chart and find out about:

  • Your Elements
  • Your Inner self
  • Your Outer Self
  • Your Emotions
  • Your Moon sign and the Moon in your chart
  • Your intellect
  • How you Love
  • Your Strengths
  • Your Challenges
  • How You Fit In

Reveal how your energies integrate with your relationships.

Understand and improve your relationships with others.

Caring for Self and Others

Do you feel like you don’t even have time for a cup of tea and every last bit of energy is being given to a loved one?

Guided support from Astrotessa will help you build resilience, be more present with your loved one and teach you how to open up complex and important conversations. Take time for yourself in the midst of caring for others.

Being with my mother when she died, awakened a need in me to learn about death. I wanted to know how to be with dying people.

In 2019, Midwifing Death with Dr Michael Barbarto, a well-known Palliative Care physician, taught me about the death process and the importance of truth-telling and deep listening. In 2020, Spiritual Care for Life training accredited me to work in hospital and aged care settings, and to stay with what the person gives me, empathise with their situation and reflect back the inner resources they draw upon when faced with illness or major change.

In 2021, as a Violet Initiative Guide, I support caregivers to discover their dying person’s wants and needs. The aim is to reduce the regret experienced after the person has passed. Running a Death Café for my community has improved our death literacy and our capacity for conscious living.

These lived experiences deepen my empathy for your life-death caring journey.

Nourish yourself as you care for others.


Every day the movement of the cosmos can potentially bring opportunity, challenge, love, conflict, surprise or celebration. Knowing when and how these astrological influences will enter and affect your life is a powerful thing. 

With this knowledge in your possession, you can plan when to invest energy or effort into a situation and when to hold back and relax. If you’re facing a decision or encountering resistance, your Astrodigest will provide guidance and ideas. Your Astrodigest is personalised to tap into the unique qualities and strengths that are the gift of you.

This publication is filled with information and tips to increase your ability to navigate life and achieve your goals. You will learn where to focus your attention for maximum growth. As events start to unfold you will have insight and control over how to respond in a positive way.

Your personal Astrodigest is prepared by professional astrologer, Astrotessa. It covers the entire month of astrological changes and developments that are relevant to you. Your Astrodigest is emailed to you on the last day of the current month.

This product is based on your birth data: date, place and time. Therefore it is essential that you provide this information when you place your order online.  

Be powerful and prepared. Order your personalised Astrodigest today!

Synastry for Teams and Workplaces

How would you like it if your business soared in 2021, your team and your workplace hummed with happiness – even through uncertainty?

The events of 2020 can be understood through the Astrology lens.

Consulting an Astrologer is an empowering way to deal with any fear or insecurity arising from the events of 2020 as we move into the coming decade. 

We all benefit from getting a new perspective on a difficult situation. Individuals and couples, families and businesses can be guided with Astrology.

Find out how you, your family or your business can personally manage the pandemic, the recession, government curfews and public health orders, isolation and closure of social venues, and the disruption of ‘normality’. 

As you think about what you really need in your business, you begin to realise that you have only one choice to make and that is to invest in you. Learn about gratitude, essential clues in the give and take of business viability, and keep your team humming with happiness through Astrology.

Use Astrology to guide you through these challenging times and shine a light on the path ahead.

Help your business, your team and your workplace thrive.

Local Space Astrology

Plan your home and your garden using Local Space Astrology.

This is a new form of astrology that will have an amazing impact on your life.  Imagine seeing your birth chart laid out in the four directions: North, South, East and West.  When we align the energies of your birth chart with the magnetic energies of earth, we open up the possibility of increasing your power for personal growth and unlocking the doors to achieving more harmony and balance in your life.

The potential benefits of this information are unlimited.

"This being human is a guest house
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honourably.
[She] may be clearing you out for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond."
13th Century Persian poet

Live a Happier Life

Astrotessa is located on Djiringanj tribal lands in Yuin country. In recognition of the Yuin First Peoples as the Traditional Custodians, pays rent to the TwoFold Aboriginal Corporation. acknowledges Aboriginal sovereignty and supports the Call for an Indigenous Voice in Australia.


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