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"Every atom in your body that is heavier than helium was made inside a star,
usually as it was exploding. Carbon, oxygen, iron: all of it.
Take a breath - and breathe stardust with stardust.
This body is billions of years old."
Rick Hanson

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Astrotessa can give you a lot of valuable information about your life and your gifts and challenges from your birthdate and birthplace data. Forecasting for future influences is also possible without a birth time. In Australia, you can find out your birth time by lodging a Freedom of Information (FOI) request at the health facility where you were born.

Your birth chart shows the position of the stars and planets at the exact location and time on the day of your birth at the place you were born. Your birth time pinpoints where your spirit entered the zodiac belt. This creates a unique ‘fingerprint’ that shows all of your gifts, challenges, easy flowing energies and inbuilt drives. It also describes the balance of elements, signs and polarities in your chart and places all this information within the houses or areas of your life that they influence.

A birth chart reading is a rich and insightful story about you. It covers what makes you safe, how you learn, your family, how you create, what keeps you well and happy, your relationships, your ways of sharing, what you believe is the truth, what you do for success, your friends and associates, and how you replenish in ‘me’ time. Certain themes emerge that you recognise as repeating patterns in your life and we discuss how these can be expanded for your benefit or decreased to make your life easier and more peaceful.

Self-understanding is an important step on the path to a better life. Astrology taps into who you really are. It gives you an objective view of yourself and your life mission. Astrology is particularly good for identifying and naming your strengths, unique features and patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving and believing. This is an empowering experience. It can improve your decision making and help you to handle the tests and challenges of life in a more effective way, making your life happy, safe and connected.

It is good to start with a Birth Chart reading and then have a yearly or solar return reading. If you find that there are events or issues in your life that you want to work on with Tessa, you can book a series of sessions or purchase a monthly subscription.

Everyone has questions about their future and their past. Astrology can give you the answers you are seeking. People benefit from getting a ‘bird’s eye’ view of life and Astrology does just that. You see your life laid out before you. It is an amazing and popular experience.

We are all individuals, with our own quirks, interests and joys. What makes you laugh could make another person cry! Astrology taps into the essence of who YOU are and connects all the dots in your personality using the wisdom of the ancients. Astrology is based on scientific information about the movement of cosmic energies. It is precise, layered and accurate.

Yes, Astrology is particularly good if you are confused or overwhelmed by events in your life and want to get a ‘big picture’ perspective. Getting insight into your life is essential to make the changes you want to make and to reach your personal goals. A Yearly Forecast and Solar Return reading will explain what themes to expect in the year to come and how you might respond to these energies in the positive way. A Relationship reading will describe the dynamics at work between you and your partner, parent, child or team. This can be very helpful to sort out tensions or stumbling blocks to good communication. You can explore these issues and solutions in more depth through Astrotessa Counselling sessions.

Every time you have an Astrology reading, you go on an exciting journey into your life. It is fun! Discover your creativity, your career, the people you hang out with, the lovers in your life, how you entertain, what makes you laugh and where to spend your holidays.

Astrology works for everyone because we all have a birth chart that can be interpreted and explained by an Astrologer. You don’t need to believe in spirituality to use Astrology. It is a practical guide, like a compass, that can help you at important times in your life. Why not try it and judge whether it is true and real for you?


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