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My Journey

Hello, I'm Tessa and I'm very glad to meet you!

I live on Djiringanj country within the Yuin Nation and pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging.  Yuin First Peoples are the Traditional Custodians of the land, rivers, lakes and seas of the Bega Valley, New South Wales where Astrotessa is based.  In the Dhurga language of this area “Giiyong, welcome”.

Like you, I am familiar with the waves of change in life. Times of happiness and opportunity; times of loss and separation; and times when we seek guidance.

When I was 25 years old, living in Melbourne and working in a picture framing studio, I became curious about Astrology and began my journey by reading the 1981 edition of Julia and Derek Parkers’ “The Complete Astrologer”.

Delving into the mechanics of chart calculation and interpretation really suited my brain.  When I drew my own chart by hand, I could understand what was happening from a new perspective. I could see the patterns laid out before me.


The wheel of life

As it turned, the wheel of my life took me on a long journey into many different types of work and learning, eventually leading me back to Astrology as my principal occupation.

Throughout this journey, I held onto Astrology as a guiding light, regularly reading charts, and learning from teachers.  Around the time of my second Saturn return, I began operating my own business as a Consultant Astrologer.

Ancestral Sisters

Skills and Qualifications

I know the pain of losing hope and the joy of finding a spiritual practice to cope with whatever life brings.

I can guide you to use Astrology in this way.  Being fully accredited with the Federation of Australian Astrologers, I uphold a high standard of confidentiality and ethics.  I am constantly adding to my skill base.  You can view my published papers online:

I received the FAA Silver Medal, Allan Johnson Award for the highest National aggregate mark in the 2018 Dynamic Examination

FAA Silver Medal

My degree in social work and training as a spiritual carer ensures that you are held gently and professionally as we work together.

"For if it is rash to walk into a lion's den unarmed, rash to navigate the Atlantic in a rowing boat, rash to stand on one foot on top of St. Paul's, it is still more rash to go home alone with a poet."
Virginia Woolf
The Waves (1931)

Live a Happier Life

Astrotessa is located on Djiringanj tribal lands in Yuin country. In recognition of the Yuin First Peoples as the Traditional Custodians, Astrotessa.com pays rent to the TwoFold Aboriginal Corporation. Astrotessa.com acknowledges Aboriginal sovereignty and supports the Call for an Indigenous Voice in Australia.


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