A Bundle of Energy

Have you noticed that the Astrology of 2022 has an intense and conflictual quality? People are at odds with one another, and the arguments don’t settle. This is due to a bundle of energy emitting from the cosmos. All the planets are travelling through one half of the horoscope, as shown in the image below.

Pisces New Moon, 3 March 2022

This pressure gets into our relationships with family, partner, business and life. Our freedom is at risk. Our empathy and compassion is under strain. The hardship endured by people around the world is keenly felt, especially by the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Things are out of whack.

Within this bundle of energy, there is a series of paired energies. These are compounding our experiences and bringing tension to a head (Venus/Mars/Pluto; Mercury/Saturn; Sun/Moon/Jupiter).

The effect of this bundled energy is evident in:

  • The Russian/Ukraine war
  • Revelations of abuse in our political system
  • Freedom fighters active across the globe
  • Despair in aged care
  • Ongoing threat of COVID infection

Happier times are coming

On a happier uplifting note, the Sun moved into Pisces on 19 February 2022, generating more compassion, imagination, and empathy. During its journey through Pisces, the Sun will warm our hearts and encourage us to spend time in meditation, song, prayer, poetry, or simply enjoying nature (Sun/Jupiter/Neptune).

Another exciting prospect involves a change in thinking and the possibility of sudden insight or innovation (Mercury in Aquarius), which could happen as early as Friday 25 February 2022 (Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus).

New ideas bring responsibility and structure. They free us to express uniqueness and individuality on 3 March 2022 (Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, Pisces New Moon).

Our relationships are getting clearer

Our personal relationships—parent/child, partner, friend, workmate, carer—are being examined for their value and their validity (Venus conjunct Mars). Those that have cracks, or that no longer serve our higher purpose may end (Venus/Mars/Pluto).

We can conclude a difficult situation and move forward in life early March (Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 3 March 2022). Finding the resolve to change or transform relationships is backed by the stars. On 4 March 2022 we are likely to find the voice to express our needs to loved ones (Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn).       

A final chance to bring any relationship issues into the open occurs on 19 March 2022 (Venus in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus). Be practical and authentic when you act on this energy.

A BIG DAY in the cosmos

Sunday 6 March 2022 is a whopper, with big changes in the astrological atmosphere and a sense of expanding emotional or spiritual connection (Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces). Also on this day, our freedom to be ourselves is backed by the stars (Mars into Aquarius 5:23pm, Venus into Aquarius 5:30pm, Venus conjunct Mars 6:12pm).

Tap into this array of energetic, liberating forces through music, dance, poetry, invention, science, or humanitarian action. Check out your personal astrology with a Year Ahead reading.

Spiritual encounters

After all the excitement, tension, and exposure to each other, we appreciate a softening mental attitude. This is likely on 10 March 2022 (Mercury into Pisces). It could either lead towards spiritual encounters or illusionary experiences, it is your choice.

We could awaken to the fact that we are loving awareness and that no matter how much we give, we are okay, particularly on 13 March 2022 (Sun conjunct Neptune). The Full Moon on 16 March 2022 will bring analysis as well as healing.

Autumn Equinox represents a time of harvest

The Autumn Equinox on 21 March 2022 (Sun into Aries) marks the official end of summer. Many gardeners have been enjoying a fruitful harvest due to the spring and summer rains. This will be a good day to feast and celebrate our fortunate lives.

Emotional connection and sensitivity will be further improved this day. Another planetary pair forms in the skies. We allow our intuition to guide us and succeed the logical, rational attitude that has dominated our lives since late 2021 (Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Pisces).

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