Astrology for March-April 2021

On the evening of Saturday 20 March 2021 in Australia, the Sun enters Aries. This is the first sign in the zodiac, ruled by the planet Mars and harbinger of the Astrological New Year. Aries’ energy is strong, swift, hot and dry. It fights for the higher ground, breaks down barriers and forges new paths. The Aries Sun heralds Autumn Equinox: the end of the temperate summer and the tropical wet season. From here we begin the slide into shorter days and longer nights. In the south, there is less growth and a more inward focus, but it can be busier and more active in the north. 

At Equinox, day equals night and life is in balance. This is a good time to focus on what is important to you. What do you value? What do you want to achieve in the coming year? Why not be inspired by the adventurous, pioneering spirit of the Aries Sun? Plan to do something different. Bring a new form of joy or challenge or triumph into your life. Be bold. Crack the shell on your inner resources and find your way to true happiness.

Monday 22 March will be a good day for structuring written work (Mars trine Saturn). It will also be excellent for initiating action around something or someone you love (Venus enters Aries). A romantic encounter or artistic inspiration could occur on Tuesday 30 March (Mercury conjunct Neptune). This energy will soften your thoughts and encourage sensitivity and compassion. It will support meditation, music, painting, drawing and dreamwork.

From 4 April, your mind will be activated with the need to Do Something Now (Mercury enters Aries). Use this time to initiate new ventures. Get going with a project that you have been putting off. The results will be outstanding. But if you are blocked, restless or frustrated, try adding more physical exercise into your daily routine. Let off steam rather than becoming angry with yourself or with those around you.

On 15 April, your relationships and emotions shift into a more comfortable, stable and loving groove (Venus enters Taurus). Your senses come to life as Venus reigns from her own sign until 9 May 2021. Relish delicious food. Appreciate a relaxing massage. Ponder beautiful art. Listen to inspiring music. Smell wonderful incense. Enjoy earth-related activities like gardening, potting, cooking, sewing, and working with timber. A few days later, on Monday 19 April, your racing Arian thoughts ease down a notch. You can now concentrate on tasks that require persistence and tenacity (Mercury enters Taurus). If you are planning to build or renovate this year, use this transit energy to do the detailed drawings. This energy will help you to establish solid foundations for your project.

The strong, vibrant drive of the Aries Sun recedes from 20 April. A practical, sensual, productive vibe takes over. Your attention shifts to the resources needed for success (Sun enters Taurus). You see the benefits of putting in long hours for material rewards. You want to stabilise your life and anchor yourself to tangible goals under the Taurean Sun. This enables you to weather any storms or challenges on the horizon. Around 23 April, there could be a shift in a relationship that you don’t expect. This astrological event will allow more freedom in your communications in the long run (Venus conjunct Uranus). Expect the unexpected. Keep an open heart, especially for your precious self.

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