Taurus New Moon

The dark moon in Taurus on Tuesday 12 May could stir up your imagination. Being grounded is the natural state that accompanies Taurus lunations. Using this steady and reliable foundation gives the ability to float in conscious awareness. You can transcend the boundaries of skin and bone, flesh and blood. This is an invitation. Take up an activity that enables you to express your feelings. Wet on wet watercolour onto paper, bark or timber. Pluck your violin, vibrate your cello, strum your guitar. Dance and sing. Pray and meditate. Fully let go of emotion while staying grounded in your body.

The Taurus new moon occurs every mid-autumn when the Moon joins the Sun in this fixed earth element sign. This year the presence of ethereal Neptune flowing softly from Pisces suggests an experience of radiant compassion. Our senses will already be alert and open, bathed in sensuality under the Taurus Sun. This is an easy entry point for moments of mindful bliss. You are awakening to the spiritual world. 

There is also the possibility of deep change and renewal with this new moon. Are you looking for support to implement a transformative urge? Pluto in Capricorn will touch into the dynamic through a beneficial trine with the Taurus Sun and Moon. This energy adds the capacity for you to plan and structure your life in constructive ways. Your ideas about what you want to achieve or how you want to handle a situation can be translated into action. Pluto will exactly trine the Sun on Monday 17 May 2021. Try to schedule your activities to culminate on this date.

Planetary contacts

In the new moon environment, several significant contacts are being made between planets. Mercury and Saturn trine in the Air element making communication orderly and more effective. Thursday 13 May is a very good time to launch a campaign or publicise your ideas. Any writing activity will also go well this week.

Likewise, your energy for family and community combines well with practical innovations or social experiments.. This comes from the easy flow between Mars in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus. This was evident in the 2021 Federal budget announced on the eve of the new moon. This plan increased homecare packages for the aged, added more funds for people with a disability and grew childcare places. It’s all about family.

Approaching under the radar like a slinking cat in the shadows, Saturn can also be seen making a mark on this new moon. The giant ringed planet is nearing its second square with tilted-axis Uranus in mid-June. This is the signature tension of 2021 – a state of ongoing conflict between restriction and release. The sense of anticipation is growing. Plans for liberation have been forming. However, Saturn’s retrograde movement from May 23rd suggests that constraint is inevitable.

The next new moon in Gemini with a solar eclipse (10 June) could manifest lockdown, border closure or, on a personal level, impositions that make life difficult. We will be released from this tension in late December. Try to be happy and keep your focus on the positives. Enjoy the bliss.

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