Virgo New Moon: Transform and Connect

14Virgo38 New Moon | 10.51am AEST | Tuesday, 7 September 2021

The New Moon begins a new cycle of fertility, exploration, growth, harvest, and decline. The Virgo New Moon highlights physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing, and work and routine.

Public Health lies squarely within the realm of Virgo. Many human populations are currently experiencing lockdowns and restrictions associated with Public Health orders. The chart for this new cycle contains important indicators of how we can change our perception of, and attitude to, these conditions.

The fear of what might happen

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

A form of power dominates the world in 2021. Let’s call it the fear of what might happen. The sound of a chainsaw gnawing into the flesh of an ancient eucalypt in my village brought this message home to me this week (Sun/Moon trine Uranus). 

Apparently, the fear of what might happen—that a limb might fall and cause injury to a passer-by—justified the tree’s destruction. No consultation was held. The authorities took the matter into their own hands. We are learning to expect the unexpected.

Similarly, health professionals, the government and the media appear to be gripped by the fear of what might happen in 2021. Public health orders now determine who we can see, whether we can work, what we can and cannot do, where we can travel and if we will or will not be fined for our behaviour.

Living with an illusion

During this Virgo new moon cycle, the sense of living with an illusion may be strong (Sun/Moon opposite Neptune). Confusing travel instructions both disrupt people’s plans and cause mental health issues. The fear of what might happen—that Coronvirus will spread into the entire population—is silencing other viewpoints. For example, a large majority of regional areas are COVID-free but are living with the same level of restrictions as the city. To many people, this does not make sense.

The pitch and tenor of debate has been dulled by censorship in social media. Arguments about what is true, rage across the world (Sun/Moon conjunct Mars). People are angry. In typical Virgo-style, they are critical of the authorities who claim to have it under control but also tell us that things are getting worse.

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

Instead of focusing on the public debate, look to your tribe, the community of people in your life who you trust and with whom you share ideals.

The answer lies within the chart

The chart suggests a solution may be found if we can shield ourselves from the confusion and the anger that dominate conversation.

Instead of focusing on the public debate, look to your tribe, the community of people in your life who you trust and with whom you share ideals (Mercury in Libra: H11). Nurture those in your circle of support so that everyone lives in good mental health. Harness the strength of your community. Get ready to reform and rebuild our environment when the conditions change. Negotiation skills and practices of non-violence will be useful in all areas of your life. Join online groups and share your knowledge while learning from others.

There is also a sign that we should listen to the voices that speak about innovation, reform, and authenticity (Saturn in Aquarius: H3). Recognise that this is a battle between the status quo and new age thinking. Claim your place in this duality. Look for a structure that allows you to contribute to the change you want to make in the world on your own terms. Join a discussion group or learn new techniques to communicate your thoughts. Stand strong in your convictions.

New Moon in Virgo Chart

Another good idea from the chart is to set up a container of wisdom and information that will sustain our relationships into the future (North Node in Gemini: H7). This includes connecting with people who you respect. Share information with them about the issues that most concern you. Use the online environment to build networks and resources that will inform your future self. Keep active and intellectually stimulated. Create alternate streaming services to the dominant Netflix and Foxtel. Support the accumulation of film, art, and sound media from Indigenous and non-dominant cultures.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Transformation will not be pretty

Our journey to eliminate what is not working is bound to encounter resistance and tension (Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn). One of the main problems is that it is difficult to make an informed decision. The fear what might happen if we make the ‘wrong decision’ might stop us from deciding on a course of action. The search for information that will support a particular decision is hampered by the confusion referred to earlier in this article. 

One solution for this situation can be found in the community-focused actions suggested above. Doing practical deeds will help clear the path ahead. For example

  • listen attentively when someone obviously needs to debrief
  • check on your neighbour who lives alone
  • add a few items to your shopping list for a friend who is unemployed due to lockdown. 

Do something. This will help quieten your worrying mind. You will no longer be concerned about what to do or what might happen if you don’t do something. Doing can make a world of difference to your mental health. 

Thanks to Virgo for pointing this out.

Kindly Tessa

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