Libra Sun and Spring Equinox: Celebrate the turning point of time

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Sun into Libra and Spring Equinox | 5:22am AEST | Thursday, 23 September 2021

At Spring Equinox, the Sun hovers momentarily over the Equator and daytime equals night. We are inspired to find balance in our busy lives. This is a great time of year to reorganise your life. Make room for joy, good food, sunshine, and beauty. Celebrate the turning point of time.

The Sun’s movement into Libra opens your mind to the big picture. Let go worrying about the details and allow your thoughts to broaden and stretch. Take in more sky, look at life from a helicopter perspective. Invite your actions to become harmonious and peace-making. Use communication skills such as tact, negotiation and tuning in to others. Act respectfully, especially when you do not agree. Remember, every one of us is equally responsible for what happens next.

Restructure your thoughts

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The ongoing conflict in your life concerns how much you give and what you take in relationships (Sun conjunct Mars in Libra). This push/pull situation asks you to be assertive while allowing the other side to have their say. It requires careful preparation and continuous effort to succeed. There is a greater chance for thoughtful and collaborative action under the Libran Sun. Take advantage of this energy to restructure your thoughts about concepts such as:

  • collaboration
  • partnership
  • alliance
  • coherence
  • fairness

This period is also characterised by a passionate desire to explore the depths of your feelings (Venus in Scorpio until 7 October). You may have secrets that can no longer remain hidden. Or an unexpected development allows you the freedom to express your true self (Venus opposite Uranus). These experiences can be profoundly disturbing and excitingly liberating at the same time. Take the risk to dive into your underworld. Beneath the pain and grief, lie the treasures that you seek. Get support and guidance for your journey with Astrology Counselling.

Romance is possible

While the Sun is in Libra, you are more likely to find other people attractive and beautiful. This could lead to romance or fantasy (Neptune in Pisces). Your intuition may be working overtime as you dream about the possibilities and look for the signs that love is coming near. People seem quite lovable under this influence. In the shadow of this energy, use of alcohol or drugs could accelerate your romantic imagination but also blur your vision.

You hunger for information but know that it is important to remain flexible and see all sides of every story (Gemini North Node). When your restless spirit wants to wander off into the wild in search of knowledge and wisdom, let it. Your independent self deserves time off from the daily grind and will ultimately return to the task at hand (Sagittarius South Node).

Aries and Libra dance us through spring at a fast and beautiful pace.

The New Moon in Libra on 6 October amplifies the tendency for compromise and fence-sitting. Being diplomatic is good for building relationship but can be deadly for acting on your convictions. This will be remedied as we move toward to the Full Moon in Aries on 21 October. Under this strident influence, get ahead of your friends and colleagues in reaching out into the world with what you believe is important. Take the lead. Use this energy to initiate a project that you have always wanted to do.

Aries and Libra dance us through spring at a fast and beautiful pace. Be prepared in the month ahead to get up out of your chair, turn off the tele and walk out of the house. This outdoor energy will support you to develop relationships and do the things that you desire.

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But it is you that has to do it.

Mercury retrograde from 28 September until 19 October has an article of its own. Coming soon.

Keep calm and balanced as the Libra Sun and Spring Equinox energy unfolds.

Kindly Tessa

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