Will the Australian people support the Referendum for an Indigenous Voice?

A Referendum to amend the Australian Constitution in 2023 will enshrine an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. There is a strong possibility that it will occur on a Saturday in October 2023. This article examines the potential outcome of the Referendum. It considers selecting a particular October Saturday. It also investigates the events leading […]

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Life under the Aquarian Sun

The Sun moving into Aquarius increases our capacity for self-expression and helps us to restructure our lives. A key word for Aquarius is freedom. The symbol for Aquarius comes from an image of water being poured from a jug. However Aquarius is not a water sign associated with feelings, it is an air sign associated with thoughts. The stream of water

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A Bundle of Energy

Have you noticed that the Astrology of 2022 has an intense and conflictual quality? People are at odds with one another, and the arguments don’t settle. This is due to a bundle of energy emitting from the cosmos. All the planets are travelling through one half of the horoscope, as shown in the image below.

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Inquisitive Sagittarius

The Sun moves into inquisitive Sagittarius on Monday 22 November at 1:42am AEDT, sparking our curiosity about all things foreign and unknown. This change in orientation sets a flame under our need for travel, conversation, and higher learning. A burst of light after the deep journeying in Scorpio. Get out your 2022 calendar. Mark the

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