Wishing You A Safe Summer Solstice

As well as sharing your Christmas and New Year blessings with everyone, remember to wish them a safe summer solstice! This and two other significant astrological events happen in the last two weeks of December 2021.

Summer solstice marks the moment that the Earth reaches the most southerly point on its axis. It coincides with the Sun moving into Capricorn on Wednesday 22 December at 2:59am AEDT. This end of year turning point equates to the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, which is known as the shortest day. Here in Australia, the summer solstice represents our longest day of the year.

You can tap into the sense of alignment with the Sun/Earth cycle by marking this important milestone with grounding activities like planting, yoga, tai chi, bushwalking, or dancing.


The period from the Summer Solstice to the January New Moon is a good time to review your achievements in the previous year and to set goals for the next circuit of the Earth around the Sun. Self-discipline, accountability, and planning are hallmarks of the Sun in Capricorn. Use this energy to become more organised and structured in your life.

There may be decisions to make about what to continue doing, and what to let go of. Ask yourself whether your routine and life structure are giving you the happiness and security that you want. Are your basic needs for safety, satisfaction, and connection being met?

Ongoing conflict comes to an end

The theme of 2021 has been ongoing conflict between control and freedom. This has manifested on a national level through the vaccination debate in which the government has come out firmly in control and many people have protested the lack of freedom resulting from public health laws. Many of us have also been balancing control and freedom in our relationships, work life, parenting, and home life.

This tension has arisen from the interaction of two planetary sources:
1. the need for discipline and control to achieve our personal goals (Saturn in Aquarius)
2. the freedom to express our uniqueness and to materialise our dreams (Uranus in Taurus).

Ongoing conflict has been present due to the clash of these energies three times during 2021. This three-transit process started on 18 February, continued on 15 June 2021, and will culminate this month. The final transit on Friday 24 December at 6:16pm (Aquarius Saturn square Taurus Uranus Retrograde) invites us to integrate the lessons from 2021 into our lives. You may find it useful to ask yourself the following questions or discuss them with your family and friends.

  • Where do you stand on personal freedom versus state power?
  • How do you express freedom as a parent, a carer, a teacher, a partner, and a friend?
  • Do you use control to support and guide others?
  • Is control a helpful friend or an unwanted enemy?

Expanding spiritual connections

More compassion, empathy, sensitivity, art, music, culture, and spiritual awareness is likely to flow into our world on Saturday 29 December at 3:10pm (Jupiter enters Pisces). We experienced a taste of this transit energy in late autumn – mid-winter (14 May – 27 July 2021). This shift in energy will be especially beneficial for those born in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). These beings are likely to sense the flow of positive, optimism into their lives. They are likely to harness themselves to the emotional uplift that will last until 10 May 2o22.

The world is in need of nourishment, and the energies associated with this new wave of growth are more likely to be receptive, flexible, and willing to listen (Jupiter in Pisces). The only caveat with this energy is the increased risk of being overwhelmed by the degree of suffering in the world. This transit is likely to increase your awareness and intuition of suffering, and it is important to keep a balance between giving and receiving.

Self-care is an essential ingredient for a happy life.

Book a session with Tessa to remind yourself how to prioritise self-care in your life.

You might also like to revisit my article on six realms of spiritual connection. Check whether you are maintaining activity in each of these areas. Remember that balance is a changing phenomenon and achieving equilibrium requires some periods of high and some periods of low energy, connection, and health. The aim is to straddle the see-saw around its fulcrum rather than hanging out at either end.

Best wishes for a safe summer solstice!

Thanks for your support during 2021. Look forward to sharing 2022 together very soon!
Kindly, Tessa

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