Remote alienation and radical emergence collide

The transiting energies of remote alienation and radical emergence collide in a fixed square (90 degrees) three times this year. Astrologers have attributed this combination of energies as responsible for ongoing conflict in the world. The first occurrence was in mid-February; the second square happens on 15 June; and the third will occur on Christmas eve. So what is happening?

Saturn is transiting retrograde in Aquarius

Delays and interruptions are likely to be affecting the flow of your life. Lockdown, illness, accident, or blockages cause frustration and stress. You are isolated and alone. Separated from your day-to-day routine. Cut-off from your loved ones. Your capacity to survive on your own is being tested. The key phrase for this influence is remote alienation.

Uranus is transiting in Taurus

Unexpected and sudden changes are happening. These unpredictable events have the potential to bring a fresh outlook on an old problem but they give you a jolt. You adapt to these changes in gradual, slow increments. As you see, feel, touch, taste and hear the difference in your life, you realise a crack has appeared and insight has entered. This energy is useful. Perhaps you will develop an invention, create a unique design, or experiment with a new recipe, pattern, or technique. The key phrase for this influence is radical emergence.

How do you handle this ongoing conflict?

At a personal level, the Saturn/Uranus cycle can be challenging due to the conflictual nature of the energies. While you may be happy enough to turn inward, not many people enjoy being separated from their loved ones (Saturn). New ways of seeing can be exciting, but you could be spun out by the sudden, unexpected, and potentially scary nature of the changes (Uranus). These two strong energies are challenging by themselves. When they rub up against each other to produce friction and heat, it can be hard going.

The trick is to integrate these transiting energies positively. First, avoid falling into the old habit of a knee-jerk response to reject the lesson being offered. Second, if you do not have prior experience in handling this type of conflict (this Saturn/Uranus cycle began in 1988), keep these tips in mind:

  • Let go all attempts to resist the conflict – if you fight it, the experience will be worse.
  • Allow the energies to flow within your life – welcome the changes with a brave heart.
  • Remember that change ultimately leads to freedom of expression – await your liberation.
  • Use the time looking inward to clear the way for a fresh approach – see the path lit up ahead.

Most people consider conflict to be a negative experience. This is certainly the case if conflict leads to harmful consequences. But when conflict is used as a stimulus for change and improvement, it is incredibly beneficial.

Use the energy of ongoing conflict to grow new habits. Alone time does not have to be a constraint or a burden. Learn a healthy habit that will add value to your life, such as meditation, tai chi, yoga, or Pilates. Try this guided meditation by Tara Brach here.

These practices will also help you to be flexible and open-minded when the changes arrive.

Reach out for support. Being listened to in a safe confidential counselling relationship is an option that many people are choosing. Check out my Astro-counselling services here. Learn how to bend and twist with the flow of astrological influences in your life. Get wise and ready, Make it third time lucky at the end of 2021.

Thank you Orna Mark for the photograph 🙂

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