Grow Your Happiness in a Bed of Compassion

When we reach the end of a journey, there is usually a sense of relief and calm. We feel joy at seeing loved ones again, and satisfaction at having reached a goal. This is especially true when there were challenges along the way. Your journey’s end is a place of culmination and contentment. A place where you can grow your happiness in a bed of compassion.

This description of reaching the end of a journey matches the mood in the cosmos at the moment. Very soon, the giant planet Jupiter, will come into the final stage of its 12 year cycle through the Zodiac (Jupiter enters Pisces at 3:10pm AEDT on Wednesday 29 December 2021). As the flavour of growth and expansion finally changes from the structured individuality of Aquarius, prepare yourself for a more artful and breezy few months ahead.

We are all winding down after a huge year of ongoing conflict, difficult decision-making, and frustration, mixed with periods of joy, innovation, and determination.


A softening experience

Jupiter returning to Pisces will be a softening experience characterised by emotional sensitivity, generosity, and more awareness. Those of you who have learnt the art of self-compassion, of accepting yourself as you are, of being kind to yourself, and letting yourself off the hook, will be familiar with the power of Piscean energy to heal.

Jupiter transits Pisces in 3 distinct time periods

  • 29 December 2021 – 10 May 2022
  • 28 October 2022 – 23 November 2022 (retrograde)
  • 24 November 2022 – 20 December 2022

People born in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are likely to experience increased emotional awareness while Jupiter is in Pisces. This transit represents an opportunity to be creative with your innate sensitivity. Use this emotional surge to deepen your connection with nature, with people whom you love, and with animals, birds, sea life, and reptilian creatures.

Girl and dog admiring the dawn light

Practices of empathy and compassion are beautiful graces to cultivate within ourselves. Under the influence of Jupiter in Pisces, everyone is more receptive to this form of growth. If you were born between the following dates, Jupiter was in Pisces at your Birth, you are gifted with these qualities throughout your life.

  • May 1950 – September 1950
  • January 1951 – April 1951
  • April 1962 – April 1963
  • April 1974 – March 1975
  • March 1986 – March 1987
  • April 1998 – February 1999
  • February 2010 – June 2010
  • October 2010 – January 2011

Even if you were not born in these periods, it can be helpful to recall your experiences from these times. Where were you in terms of your emotional awareness? Did you do anything different in these periods? How did you expand or manage your consciousness? Were you more interested in art, music, poetry, connecting with nature?

You can generate compassion with daily practice of Loving Kindness or a Gratitude Journal.

The shadow side

Every Zodiac sign has a shadow that gives us a point of reference from which to fulfil the sign’s potential. As well as compassion and empathy, Pisces is also associated with escapism and addiction. This is because being sensitive to the feelings of other people can be overwhelming, and if Pisces features strongly in your Birth Chart, you might try to numb your emotions. Pisces dualities include: victim/rescuer; dreamer/gambler; and selfless carer/missionary. This is also the sign most associated with spiritual enlightenment and mysticism.

Keeping your head above water

As the final sign in the Zodiac, and the 12th house in the horoscope, Pisces can act like the drain for all of our buried or repressed emotions. When the world around us feels harsh and difficult, we can sometimes struggle to keep our head above water.

If you are strongly influenced by Pisces, at these times you might drift in a cosmic void, where the world of the spirit reigns. Here, you can experience a state of transcendence in which the ego dissolves and you become part of the whole – fully connected with nature and eternity. Or you might lose yourself in a sense of emptiness.

Certain behaviours such as overuse of alcohol or drugs, costly gambling or shopping sprees, being the victim or the rescuer in a relationship, or living too much for others and not investing in yourself are examples of the shadow side of Pisces. Astrology Counselling can help. These sessions empower you to understand why, when, where and how your life is evolving under the stars. They support you to build emotional resilience in this modern world.

Everyone has some Pisces influence in their Birth Chart, and during this transit, this area of your life will be activated. Find out where Pisces is positioned in your Birth Chart in a free Discovery Session with Tessa. Book online here.

In May 2022, Jupiter begins a new cycle through the Zodiac.

In Aries, Jupiter puts us into a completely different zone of full on energy and action. If you are planning to launch a business, start a new project, change your job, or begin a family, keep these dates in mind.

  • 12 May 2022 – 29 July 2022
  • 21 December 2022- 16 May 2023

Keep an eye out for more details about Jupiter in Aries and other important changes in the stars in 2022, which will be published soon.

Kindly, Tessa

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