Cosmic cycles

Cosmic cycles like the moon’s orbit around the Earth have been observed since ancient times. The Moon’s cycle is apparent in tidal variations, eclipses, and fertility changes. Astrologers look at an individual’s moon phase at birth as an indication of a person’s life orientation. The moon phase by progression can show the best time to start a new stage in life, maintain a steady effort, reach the highest point, or wrap things up.

This knowledge has been around for centuries. Farmers have used the moon cycle to choose the best time for seed propagation, planting, and harvesting crops. In many cultures, animals are traditionally wormed or drenched on a Full Moon, when the worms are most active; and celebrations are held on specific moon phases: Easter Full Moon in Libra (March-April) and Chinese New Year New Moon in Aquarius (January – February).

The Moon’s phases are a signal that the Earth’s axis is turning and the intensity of sunlight is changing. When the moon is full, the Sun and the Moon both light up the skies. Growth is intensified and energies are at their peak. When the Moon is New (dark), the Sun is in the Earth’s shadow and our subconscious world is easier to detect. This is a time for rest and retreat, to listen and feel the messages from our childhood and our ancestors, and to make the subtle changes that can angle our life course in a different direction.

In Astrology, all of the lunar, planetary and asteroid cycles that impact on human development contain valuable information. The birthday cycle is the most well-celebrated. On your birthday, the Sun returns to the same point on the zodiac belt that it was when you were born. This is what the birthday wish of “many happy returns” is about. A Solar Return horoscope is cast for the exact time of the sun’s return at the location where you spend your birthday that year. This Astrology chart shows the influences flowing in and out of your life in the coming year. When combined with a Yearly Forecast, the Solar Return can pinpoint events, opportunities and challenges on the exact day that they will occur.

The cycle of Saturn is also a well-known planetary cycle because it can have a spectacular impact around 30 years old. The Saturn Return often marks a significant change in direction. Saturn forces us to be realistic and to take responsibility for our plans and actions. As the planet transits through the zodiac belt during our life, important events occur every 7 years (age 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 64 etc). The involvement of Saturn energy can be hard to bare at first but ultimately these experiences mature and wisen us to what life is all about.

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