Protect Our Relationships

The Aries New Moon on Friday 1 April 2022 at 5:24pm AEDT energises us to protect our relationships. Humanity thrives on cooperation and collaboration. We quickly respond when external forces threaten. We leap to defend and protect our relationships.

Current threats to our relationships include:

  • the rising cost of living
  • the impacts of climate change such as floods and bushfires
  • an imminent Federal election
  • the invasion and bombardment of Ukraine by Russia.

In Astrology, the sign of Aries represents the warrior who defends his or her tribe from invading forces. He defeats the army single-handed. She disperses the locust plague alone. He finds a cure for the pandemic. Aries inspires us to speak our mind and assert our rights.

In terms of cosmic energy, Aries is a life-saver. It can be depended upon. Aries is ready to step up and don the armour when needed. Although it is strong and effective, Aries energy can be short-lived. It burns hot and fast yet may not be strategic.

Under the Aries New Moon, you may have an urge to DO SOMETHING about a situation that appears to threaten your future. As a wounded warrior, anger and frustration motivate your actions. Be careful to engage in ethical warfare. Use a martial art rather than raw, unfettered anger, which is difficult to channel and control. Develop strength and balance.

Sense of overwhelm and fatigue

2022 is turning out to be a highly emotional and disturbing period for humanity. Although compassion in response to shocking events such as the invasion of Ukraine and the Lismore floods is very welcome. It is exhausting.

You might have a sense of overwhelm and fatigue. These conditions put your optimistic heart under pressure. It can be hard to find the positive. Destruction of beautiful homes and the violent ending of people’s lives is so bleak and final.

After two years of unprecedented events, starting with the 2019-2020 bushfires, we need time out. Make sure you take space this weekend and enjoy the here and now.

Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces : an overwhelming awakening

When planets conjoin, they merge and amplify each other’s cosmic energies. The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is a very special combination, which occurs on 12 April 2022 at 10:54pm ACST.

The expansive, exaggerating energy of Jupiter is at home in its traditional water sign of Pisces. It literally and figuratively floods humanity with feeling.

At the same time, the receptive, compassionate energy of Neptune is in its modern rulership of Pisces. It seeks to awaken an awareness of the consciousness that is intangible, all pervasive, and illusive.

Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces in 1690 and 1856

This combination of cosmic energy also occurred in the 17th and 19th centuries. The conjunction occurred on 22 February 1690. It coincided with the Great Turkish War (GermanGroßer Türkenkrieg), also called the Wars of the Holy League (TurkishKutsal İttifak Savaşları). This was a series of conflicts between the Ottoman Empire and the Holy League consisting of the Holy Roman EmpirePoland-LithuaniaVeniceRussia, and Habsburg Hungary. Intensive fighting began in 1683 and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Karlowitz in 1699. The war was a defeat for the Ottoman Empire, which for the first time lost large amounts of territory, in Hungary and the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. It also lost part of the western Balkans. The war was significant also by being the first time that Russia was involved in an alliance with Western Europe (Wikipedia).

The 19th century conjunction in Pisces occurred on 17 March 1856. This was shortly before the treaty signed on March 30, 1856, in Paris that ended the Crimean War. The treaty was signed between Russia on one side and France, Great Britain, Sardinia-Piedmont, and Turkey on the other. Because the western European powers had fought the war to protect Ottoman Turkey from Russia, the treaty gave special attention to this problem. The signatories guaranteed the independence and territorial integrity of Turkey (Wikipedia).

Similar events in the Ukraine area both 166 years and 332 years ago coinciding with this conjunction are remarkable. This analysis suggests that a peace treaty may be achieved soon. It also demonstrates that planetary influences consistently effect the lives of humans on Earth.

The wounded healer meets the protective warrior

We can heal the wounded Earth. We can protect the wounded humans, animals, planets, and waters using the warrior energy of the Aries New Moon (Chiron/Moon/Sun in Aries). Aries is a pioneering energy. It seeks new solutions to old problems.

Freedom-oriented determination, strategic thinking, and innovative approaches to relationship also support our actions (Mars/Saturn/Venus in Aquarius). This trinity of forces interact with the practical, passionate pathways (Nodal path: Taurus/Scorpio).

As we reach for radical solutions, it is essential to check whether they can be practically implemented. Otherwise they will not work.

Aries New Moon: Friday 1 April 2022 at 5:24:24pm AEDT

What is there to do?

Wedged between the wounded healer/warrior energies and the big planetary conjunction is our intellectual attitude to this situation (Mercury in Aries).

We are furious, devastated, frustrated, and impatient for action. Our thoughts inspire and motivate us. Now is the time to initiate a new project or campaign in your life that will utilise this protective energy.

Astrotessa, April 2022

Think about what angers you most. Which situation of oppression, dispossession, abuse, or injustice stirs your passion? How can you use your creative and transformative warrior energy to make a difference? Those people, plants, animals, fishes, birds, insects, waters need your help.

Use this fantastic combination of powerful cosmic energies to force a treaty, like the warriors of the past. Tap into the cosmic consciousness. Awaken your healing power and protect our relationships with life, hope, and respect.

Please share your actions and thoughts in the comments below. Kindly, Tessa

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