Antidote to anxiety and isolation: 7 ways to calm & connect

This person woke up feeling anxiety. He felt isolated and he craved connection. He took action and asked for help. This simple act of showing his vulnerability gave him smiles from strangers, waves from people walking past. These random acts of kindness empowered the shift from loneliness to feeling connected. He realised that reaching out for connection was the antidote to anxiety and isolation.  Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

Under current restrictions on socialising, travelling and exercising, social connection is difficult. The rising number of COVID cases across Sydney brings home our vulnerability to this illness. Our lives are susceptible. It is reasonable to be anxious. This article discusses 7 ways to activate the antidote for these feelings and relieve the pressure on emotional and mental health.

This person knows what he needs. Do you?

Many people fear showing their vulnerability. Feeling weak, lost, isolated, or fearful, we want to shrink from view. Exposing our vulnerability in public can be risky. What if you had nothing left to lose? Is the simple act of seeking support possible for you? Your weakness can be your strength. The trick is to view weakness from a different angle. 

  • Realising you are weak and exhausted gives you permission to rest. 
  • With guidance you can find your way out of isolation and into the sunshine.
  • Being courageous can help fear to disappear.
  • Seeing anxiety as vulnerability empowers you to change.

Admitting that we need human connection is a big realisation.

It is a powerful experience to have someone listen to your story without interrupting. Shifting the balance from loneliness to connection can be lifesaving. 

Loneliness and isolation can cause spiritual and mental depression. The antidote is connection.

Connecting with other people can be difficult. Talking with a counsellor makes sense. It can break the cycle of being alone. Working with a trusted person can help you to make positive changes in your life. 

Bunch of roses and ferns
The wellspring of love

7 ways Astrotessa services calm anxiety & relieve isolation.

  • 1. Find the freedom to be your future self. 

Being creative, happy, light-hearted, and joyful is your birth right. Astrology can show you your future self, the person you are evolving into. You can learn how to express your true nature by getting to know yourself more clearly. Understanding your patterns and your cycles is liberating. Validate your experiences and reclaim the power to be you. A session with Astrotessa can set you on the path to real happiness.

  • 2. Live, work and play in harmony with your purpose.

Many people do not know their purpose and meaning in this life. The current strain on relationships, families, and children can add to this confusion because life is unpredictable. Even amid the pandemic and uncertainty, there is an opportunity for human evolution. Astrological Counselling can help you find your life purpose and uncover your skills and gifts. It will teach you how to live, work and enjoy your life amid the 21st century pressures. Find your successful balance. 

  • 3. Tap into your passion – and your compassion.

If you are a caregiver, Astrotessa’s spiritual care service can strengthen your ability to care for others in a balanced way. Illuminate the darkness of anxiety and isolation. You will learn how to care for yourself. You will be able to maintain caring for your loved ones. Parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents can learn emotional resilience and pass this on to their young ones.

Imagine …

  • Pre-schoolers doing mindfulness. 
  • Primary kids writing a daily gratitude diary. 
  • Senior students doing projects on self-compassion. 
  • University candidates focusing their study on loving kindness.

Teach children, teenagers, and young people to drink from the wellspring of love.

  • 4. Match your effort to where you are in the cycles of your life.

Are you in the habit of constantly pushing yourself to ‘get it right’? Do you believe in the idea that you ought to be perfect? This construct served the economy and made people work harder and longer. In the general population, it is normal not to be perfect. We all make mistakes. This is common to all humanity.

It is sensible and more achievable to live in accord with where you are in the cycles of life.

Consult Astrotessa regularly and you will understand the influences and trends you are under. Knowing what is coming and how it might affect you puts you in charge. Make fewer wrong turns and waste less effort because you can see where you are going in life. 

  • 5. Understand yourself and your power for good.

Anxiety and isolation are hard enough. It is very difficult if feelings like anger, shame, or guilt arise . Fortunately, antidotes are readily available for these emotional states. The remedy for anger is to practice self-love. For shame, learn self-compassion. For guilt, find forgiveness. Astrotessa can help you to learn these techniques. 

Tessa is an experienced, empathetic counsellor.

Her approach is sensitive, calm, caring and insightful. Tessa uses techniques to validate and support clients. She helps you to learn emotional resilience through self-compassion. She has developed her own style of counselling. This is because she integrates astrological information into the session. It is possible to identify the power for good in each person because she is using this unique method. 

  • 6. Invest your energy wisely and listen to your intuition.

We all have gut feelings or intuition. Intuition helps us decide who to befriend and where to live. Astrology is a form of intuition. Do you want to know the type of energies influencing your lifetime as shown in your birth chart? 

As a fully accredited astrologer with over 40 years’ experience, Tessa’s insights explain how and why you think, feel, behave in certain ways. It is possible to see what you need to fulfil your life. She looks at the gifts and talents that you can use to find success. We all have qualities to resolve issues and rise to challenges. Astrology helps show you these.

  • 7. Bring greater impact, congruence, and self-satisfaction into your life with connection.

As a trained spiritual carer, Tessa has experience supporting people at all stages of life. Her knowledge and understanding of the cycles of life through astrology can help you to find satisfaction and success. Tessa’s deep capacity to offer comfort and hope to people who encounter loss and grief may be relevant to you. 

Connecting with Astrotessa will add a new dimension to your self-understanding.

Astrotessa offers a trinity of services that fit together in a unique way to provide a highly effective solution in these challenging times.

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  1. Thank you Tessa, for voicing & allowing our vulnerabilities at this time. Feel more spacious just reading yoyr words!

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