Libra New Moon: Healing Love

The Moon will conjoin the Sun in Libra on Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 10:07pm AEDT. This new lunar cycle promises to increase our capacity to heal our relationships and cultivate fairness in our lives. I’ve called it the cycle of healing love.

The mythology of Libra’s rulers, Venus and Aphrodite

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Libra is ruled and influenced by the planet Venus and her Greek counterpart, Aphrodite, who embodied the attractive qualities of beauty, love, art and sexuality. Tales of her magnetism spread across the lands. She got what she needed in life and loved whomever she desired.

According to myth, Aphrodite was born on a bed of foam that formed when Cronus (Saturn) severed Uranus‘ testicles and threw them into the sea. Gaea, the earth mother, had fashioned the sickle. She was angry at Uranus for burying all of their new born children because they didn’t live up to his standards of perfection. Obviously, communication was not a strength in their relationship!

From this sordid beginning, Aphrodite rose like a jewelled goddess, to bring love, hope and healing to the world. Aphrodite provides an archetype for relating in ways that will satisfy our needs and honour our desires. She defines what she needs in relationship and clearly expresses her desires.

The Moon in Libra takes on this energy of assertive love and invites us to clarify what we want in our relationships. The Moon’s conjunction the Sun strengthens this influence and lights up the way to this promise of healing love.

Anger and aggression, the shadow side of a loving relationship

Mars adds a touch of impatience and urgency to having our needs met on this New Moon.

Aphrodite was not the only energy born from her father’s emasculation. Her sisters, the Furies, sprung from three drops of Uranus‘ blood that fell upon the Earth that day. The Furies represent the emotions of anger, resentment and vengeance, which can live in the shadow of a healthy relationship.

If we are not getting what we want or need, we may harbour these negative feelings. The danger is that one day the shadow may rise up and smother our love. This Libra New Moon reminds us to be honest and open about our needs and desires. Learn how to express what you want in relationship with Astrotessa Counselling.

On this point, Mars, the planet of anger, war and competition, will conjoin the Sun/Moon at 13Libra on 6 October 2021. This could make us impatient to have our needs met. It is a reminder to use assertive rather than aggressive methods when you let the other person know what you want. Listen to their needs with silent attention. Tap into the energy of diplomacy and fairness flowing from the Libra New Moon. Allow the Mars energy to motivate rather than infuriate you.

The joy of having what you want in a relationship

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This New Moon is also a time to recognise and celebrate the joy you feel when love is flowing smoothly and the wrinkles have been ironed out for a time. The chart dynamics for this New Moon suggest that this is a time to ask yourself:

  • How are your relationships giving you what you want?
  • Do simple connections bring joy, like cooking a meal and sharing it with someone you love?
  • Can raising a family, building or renovating a house, or planning a holiday together meet your need for love and relationship?

Take time to be thankful for these aspects of your relationships on the New Moon (Taurus Ascendant conjunct Part of Fortune: Venus chart ruler). Plan a special dinner with your partner. If you live alone, cook yourself a delicious feed and honour yourself with love. Include a sweet dish and quality wine to ensure the occasion is truly satisfying.

Healing your love

Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash
Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash

Many people stumble into barriers and blockages in their loving relationships. It can happen with work colleagues as well. Misunderstanding leads to rejection, abandonment or isolation. These experiences need healing. This New Moon will be an excellent time to tackle old wounds around relationships (Sun/Moon/Mars opposite Chiron in Aries).

As a baby, you depended on your primary carer, usually your mother, to meet all your needs. Research into childhood attachment (Bowlby & Ainsworth, 1991) found that there are three main styles of attachment. Two of these can be seen in adult relationship problems.

  1. Secure Attachment – adequate care comes when the child calls
  2. Anxious Resistant or Anxious Ambivalent Attachment – protection is sometimes available, sometimes not
  3. Anxious Avoidant Attachment = adequate caregiving is not present

Attachment theory argues that our attachment experiences as a child may have caused wounds in the way we relate to others. These wounds or patterns are triggered when we relate to another person in adulthood. The wounded healer plays a role in your life helping you to undo the wounding of childhood.

Individuality and independence in relationships

In this New Moon cycle, you may struggle with expressing your individuality and independence in relationships (Chiron in Aries opposite Moon/Sun in Libra). You may be carrying an old wound around having enough space to be yourself, yet wanting love and affection to be available for you at all times, no matter what you do. In certain relationships, there may be an anxious need to avoid disapproval (Sun/Moon/Mars quincunx Uranus).

These types of issues call for compromise and negotiation. The goal is to balance your needs with the needs of the other person (Libra). The involvement of the Mars’ ruled sign, Aries, and the planet Mars itself in conjunction with the New Moon signals an alarm. Try to avoid impulsive or hasty action during the New Moon period. You may say or do something that you later regret. Take a breath and count to to ten before you speak.

Equality in love

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Let us not forget that Libra is a Cardinal Air sign or a large thinking energy. It thrives on big ideas like equality, justice, fairness and balance. Relationships provide the setting in which to express these Libran themes.

Libra is about equality in love. Loving whomever you desire. Just like Aphrodite.

On this New Moon, invest your energy into relating consciously with your loved ones. Take time to notice the symmetry, harmony and beauty within your world.


Pick a bunch of flowers and listen to the birds and the bees humming and singing to each other. They are sustained by the same energy of attraction, union and care that humans call ‘love’.

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Please feel free to share your thoughts about loving and relating in the comments below.

Kindly, Tessa

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  1. Beautiful post AtroTessa, reminding us and inviting us to relate consciously seems such a gift for ourselves and others. Loved the way you have weaved ancient myths with recent western knowings to awaken my awareness! Blessings and Gratitude.

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