Aries New Moon 2021

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A new cycle of lunar energy starts at precisely 12:31pm AEST, Monday 12 April 2021, when the Moon joins the Sun in the zodiac sign of Aries. This lunar cycle will be filled with Arian vibrancy and fire until the Taurus new Moon on 11 May 2021.

By its nature, the new moon is invisible to earth dwellers. In the same way, lunar energy tends to work on a subtle level. Astrologers have found that when the Moon becomes new in a successive sign, the mood or atmosphere shifts and people change their priorities. This is often apparent in public discussions, and also in personal experiences.

The New Moon in Aries offers a hot, dry, enterprising phase of inner energy. Expect strong, bold, independent behaviour during this cycle. This is a good time to launch an action-oriented project. Join a gym or an exercise class. Embark on a journey into an unfamiliar landscape. Be exhilarated by the physical challenges laid out before you. This lunar cycle sets up an “I can do anything” attitude, which is helpful for motivating and asserting yourself. Aim to communicate with self-assurance this month. Gather evidence and information to support your message. Connect into networks that will broaden your audience.

Think of your approach like a bushfire spreading slowly through the bush, fanned by the wind of your ideas and fed by the energy you generate through conversation. Widen your impact to incorporate more people, more connections and more links. Commit to staying motivated throughout the entire journey, even when the newness fades. Cherish the fresh shoots that rise from the ashes. Marvel at the strength of the life force regenerating and compounding your efforts. Sun and Moon in a fire sign with ruling planet, Mars in an air sign suggests a vivid and memorable month ahead. (Aries New Moon/Sun sextile Mars in Gemini)

Be aware that the Arian rush into newness may be impeded by Capricorn reality. As you point yourself in a different direction, the structured parts of your life could spring up like a barrier. This is more likely to happen if you are at a point in your life where you’re raising a family, paying a mortgage, caring for a loved one or investing in your career. These commitments form a framework that supports your values and aspirations. You gain a sense of security from living your life within these boundaries. However, the Aries new moon creates a dynamic in which these daily routines could feel like a trap or a burden.

Anger is a typical response to feeling caged in. This can make life uncomfortable and cause arguments or headaches. The trick is to use this friction to generate flashes of insight; to see things differently. Make this the month for dealing positively with anger or frustration. If you are feeling restrained by your responsibilities, use the sword of Mars to release the pressure enough to let in some air. Add self-care activities to your routine. Take time for vigorous or aerobic exercise. Get active. Express your anger in harmless ways, like chopping wood, swimming laps, shaking out rugs.

Explore your relationship to anger. Can you hold yourself accountable for unskillful actions at the same time as having compassion for your mistakes? Can you do this for others? Throughout your day, be aware of how often you turn to anger. Breath consciously. Be mindful of what you are thinking, feeling, doing, believing. Take the time to connect into the part or parts of your body where anger is stored and allow this area to soften. Relax. Comfort this area of your body with massage, a hot shower, scented oils. Release and transform anger into love. (Aries New Moon/Sun square Pluto in Capricorn).

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Like a sentinel at the entrance to a palace, Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun falls within 60 degrees of the Aries New Moon. This brings an optimistic and beneficial influence. Doors open. Options appear. Success beckons. There is a flow to move ahead with ideas and impulses. Wacky, weird or unconventional concepts abound. Innovative projects are more likely to get funded. Tolerance increases. Inclusion is possible. Groups ferment different strategies. The community is heard. If you belong to a movement for humanitarian goals, use this New Moon energy to be a loud and effective voice through the media and in political circles. There is a very good chance that the world will actually listen. (Aries New Moon/Sun sextile Jupiter in Aquarius)

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  1. Gratitude for your latest astro newsletter Tessa. It was a timely reminder to pay attention to ‘bushfire’ moments in my life. Your imagery of fires and new growth as well as the gorgeous painting support me to explore this often difficult (for me) emotion of anger. I particularly found the idea of turning anger on its head to ‘generate flashes of insight’ and generally get to know myself a little more – with kindness and compassion. And your poem perfectly sums up the energy – thank you.

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