Thank you

I am filled with gratitude for all the help and support received during the preparation of this website. Thank you to photographers Liz Hall, Therese Honan and Heather Cameron for your amazing pics. Thanks to Tracy Mitchell for applying your incredible website design and build expertise to create this fantastic site. Thank you Mia Maze for your inspiration and vibrant energy. Thanks also to Bridget, Alicia and Sam, fellow astrologers who encouraged me to publish online.

I am deeply grateful to my dear friends, Margie, Sheila, Liz, Orna and Therese who are my signposts for what is real and intuitive on this spiritual journey. My heart is safe with my sisters Shaz and Jo, who accept me as I am and are always good for a laugh and positive spin on life’s changes. Thanks to my gorgeous nieces, Asha, Brodie, Carly and Roxy who give me hope for the future, and my nephews, Chris, Tim and Edd for being honourable men in this challenging world.

My tricky dog, Striker, also deserves a big thank you for being patient with Mummy when she’s at the computer and for barking incessantly when its time to take a break and go for a walk!

Finally, a big thank you to my clients who wrote about their experiences of change and growth through Astrology. You are the reason for this work; your courage, vulnerability and curiosity excites me.

Kindly, Tessa

January 2021

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