Pisces and the compassionate mind

We can more readily generate compassion, empathy, and kindness for ourselves and for others when the Sun moves into Pisces from Sunday 19 February at 10:02am AEDT. This final sign on the Zodiac wheel represents a space where the ego recedes into the background.

Pisces is a spiritual sign that is traditionally ruled by Jupiter

Our yearning for deep connection with the spiritual world increases under the Pisces Sun. We enjoy art, music, poetry, and spending time in nature.

Pisces New Moon on Monday 20 February at 6:05pm

This is a perfect night for sacred ritual and prayer. But you may need to decide between freedom and reform or tradition and order (Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus). This tension could cause arguments. Try to respond with a compassionate mind towards yourself and others.

Take the initiative with Venus in Aries

Bidding farewell to sensitive Pisces, Venus moves into energetic Aries at 6:55pm on 20 February. She moves swiftly through Aries, so if you want to tell someone you love them, take the initiative, and tap into Aries Venus vitality now! If you’re single, a new romance might start when Venus conjoins Jupiter in Aries on Thursday 2 March.

Allow your intuition and spirit to guide you

Switching into watery imagining, Mercury in Pisces from Friday 3 March at 9:52am could create an issue if you’re accustomed to thinking logically and clearly. Pisces Mercury favours creative and intuitive ways of communicating such as singing, spiritual practice, painting, dancing, or writing. If you find that being emotional overwhelms you, this is a good time to learn mindful breathing practices instead of numbing out with alcohol or other drugs.

Harvest tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, lettuce, zucchini, and other garden produce before the Virgo Full Moon at 11:40pm on Tuesday 7 March. This marks the end of the summer growing season and it’s time to prepare for autumn and winter crops in the southern hemisphere.

A very significant astrological event

International Women’s Day on 8 March is a milestone for the women’s liberation movement. In 2023, this day also coincides with an important astrological event. From 00:35am Saturn moves into Pisces until 14 February 2026.

Saturn provides success through hard work, a willingness to take responsibility, and commit to growth. In the mutable water sign of Pisces, this could require modesty and reserve and the ability to work in seclusion, often without recognition. Can you recall what were you doing the last time Saturn transited Pisces from 22 May 1993 until 7 April 1996? This might give you a clue as to the type of challenges and successes you are likely to experience in the next three years.

Be flexible and let your feelings flow

The annual Sun/Neptune conjunction occurs in Pisces on Thursday 16 March at 10:39am. This could either generate empathy and connection between people or confusion and a sense of being deceived or mistaken. The best approach is to be flexible and allow the emotions to go in whichever direction they want, like a river meandering to the sea. Trying to organise people today may be like trying to herd cats !

Everything will come back into balance when Venus moves into Taurus on Friday 17 March at 9:38am. Venus Taurus associates with food, entertainment, and artistic endeavour. It seeks harmony and high-quality relationships.

Prepare for the start of a new astrological year

That evening, the monthly conjunction of the Sun/Mercury occurs in Pisces strengthening empathy and intuition within your life. Fast-thinking Mercury in Aries sets up a very different vibe. Watch out for quarrels, frustration, or new ideas from Sunday 19 March at 3:24pm.

The Sun’s ingress into Aries is a good time to book your Year Ahead reading with Tessa.

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