Relationship Reading


In Astrology, we specialise in working with couples and families to improve communication.  In a Relationship Reading, your chart is compared with the chart of your loved one. 

For relationships to work, there needs to be a shared understanding and respect for each other. You receive a report and a joint one hour session that covers:

  • Relating themes in each person’s birth chart
  • Where harmony and conflict occur in the relationship
  • Insights into how to heal your relationship
  • How the combined chart for the relationship is likely to play out.

Choose this service to find out: Your Moon sign and the role of the Moon in your Chart; Your intellect and How you each Love; Your Strengths, Your Challenges and How You Fit Together.

Understand and improve your relationships with others.

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What’s included:

  • Improve communication and happiness in your relationship
  • Learn how your birth chart interacts with the birth chart of your loved one
  • Gain insights to build great relationships 
  • Relationship report and detailed analysis
  • Joint one hour consultation with Tessa
  • Audio recording of the consultation (forwarded within 24hrs)




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