Relationship Reading


What’s included:

  • Improve communication and happiness in your relationship
  • Learn how your birth chart interacts with the birth chart of your loved one
  • Gain insights to build great relationships 
  • One-on-one or couple sessions available
  • 60-90 minute session with Astrotessa
  • Audio recording of the session

In Astrology, we specialise in working with couples and families to improve communication by offering relationship sessions in which your chart is compared with the chart of your loved one.

For relationships to work, there needs to be a shared understanding and respect for each other. This can be achieved by looking at the polarities in each chart. For example, peace, harmony and equality are associated with the sign of Libra, which seeks connection, relationship, justice and balance. On the other side of the zodiac wheel, the sign of Aries represents competition, battle (or protest) and independent action.  Aries initiates a new approach and likes to begin things, especially adventures.  Although these energies oppose each other, they can work well together, with Aries being a self-starter and Libra joining in as a cooperative partner.  It all depends on the Astrology of people involved in a relationship.

Six zodiac polarities are found in every birth chart:

  1. Aries/Libra: initiative/collaboration
  2. Taurus/Scorpio: sensuality/passion
  3. Gemini/Sagittarius: enquiry/knowledge
  4. Cancer/Capricorn: protection/aspiration
  5. Leo/Aquarius: vitality/change
  6. Virgo/Pisces: nuture/intuition

Your birth chart will show you where you are positioned along these polarities.

In sessions with Astrotessa, you will learn how to use the polarity energy that you have been gifted in your life with greatest effect. You will also learn to recognise the type of people or situations that represent the counterpoint energy in your life.  These insights can be applied in your relationships as a parent, a partner, a daughter or son, a sister or brother and as a member of a work team or even a community group.

Embodying the power of both energies will allow you to live consciously, with passion and purpose.

Unlock the energies in your birth chart and find out about:

  • Your Elements
  • Your Inner self
  • Your Outer Self
  • Your Emotions
  • Your Moon sign and the Moon in your chart
  • Your intellect
  • How you Love
  • Your Strengths
  • Your Challenges
  • How You Fit In

Reveal how your energies integrate with your relationships.

Understand and improve your relationships with others.


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