Astrology for May-June 2021

The Sun enters the mutable, air sign of Gemini on 21 May 2021 in Australia. In this atmosphere, we happily network and socialise with others, often multi-skilling and applying our energy outwardly. Be willing to step into the world. This is an ideal time for study, writing and sharing your thoughts in a light-hearted way. You can be flexible and go with the flow. Enjoy opportunities to mix with quick-witted, intelligent people.

On 22 May, as Venus and Mercury meet in Gemini, love is in the air through social events that play in the space between light and dark. Gemini represents reading, writing, thinking, and the nervous system. Gemini’s dual nature can either help or hinder communication. There may be unseen forces in the shadows that trip you up when you least expect.

Sunday 23 May is a significant day. The ringed planet, Saturn, halts in its movement through Aquarius and turns retrograde, retracing its steps for the next 4.5 months. This brings relief from constraints and a pause in a challenging situation. The careful structuring of your life will be still for a moment, as the transit shifts gear into an inward space. Use this period to revaluate how well you have done and make time for restoration and rest.

Sagittarius Full Moon on Wednesday 26 May 2021 will form a Total Lunar eclipse with the Gemini Sun and get people talking. Around this time of the month, Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, will slow down as it edges closer to retrograde direction from 30 May. The reduced speed of Mercury’s transit could increase opportunities for commerce, decision-making, and short journeys. Use this Full Moon energy to record your thoughts on paper and plan your next holiday.

On 2 June, Venus, the planet of abundance and desire, enters the feeling sign of Cancer. We become sensitive to home and family. We start, or resume, the search for our tribe. Experience belonging when Venus is in Cancer. Focus on creating a container in which to keep your loved ones safe. Draw closer to the community of people with whom you feel connected and with whom you are nourished. You can find out how Venus generates abundance in your own chart in a Birth Chart reading with Astrotessa: BOOK HERE.

The Moon makes her monthly visit with Neptune on 3 June 2021. This is a good period to get into art, music, dance, meditation and mindfulness. Try bringing these activities into your domestic environment. Your spirit will be lifted by the positive vibrations you generate. On Sunday 6 June, there will excitement and a chance to experiment with something new. As the Moon and Uranus hang out together in Taurus, observe what is happening in your body. You may surprise yourself and others with a radical idea. Be authentic and true to yourself.

The Gemini New Moon on 10 June forms a Solar Eclipse with the Sun. This awesome sight can only be viewed in remote parts of Canada, Greenland, Siberia and the North Pole. The next day (11 June) the planet Mars enters Leo, adding more motivation for going public, getting things moving and having fun. This transit runs until late July. Entertain your friends and family around the fire and put on a performance or be a drama queen if that takes your fancy.

A week later, on 21 June, the giant planet Jupiter will turn around on its path into sensitive, compassionate Pisces and head back into logical, well-structured Aquarius. Jupiter re-enters Aquarius on 28 July, ending a short transit that will resume late December. The combination of Jupiter and Pisces increases our willingness to give without needing to receive and to feel what others are going through with empathy and care. This transit has the capacity to counteract ongoing conflict in 2021-22.

Thanks to Jongsun Lee on Unsplash for the eclipse image.

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