Libra Full Moon

Monday 29 March 2021 at 5:48am AEDT

One of the simple truths to learn in astrology is that each month, when the Moon becomes full, she occupies the sign opposite to the Sun. This month, with the Sun in Aries, we will enjoy a Full Moon in Libra. This Full Moon is traditionally associated with Eastre, an ancient festival celebrating the return of spring and a time of renewal. Libra Full Moon energy brings relief from conflict and generates love and harmony.

Peace flows from Libra’s ruling planet, Venus. As Aphrodite in Greek myth, Venus symbolises fertility, sensuality and love. Her influence inspires and nurtures loving relationships and unions. Libra is therefore related to marriage, business partnerships and agreements.

Venus/Libra also has passion for equality – the scales of justice are used for the sign of Libra. Channelling the Aries Sun from across the zodiac, Libran Full Moon energy can be a powerful fighting force for good. Try to focus your ideas and communications on finding balance and reaching compromise rather than promoting competition or battle. You may notice a willingness to find common ground between yourself and others. Associate with like-minded people and work towards shared goals.

If you are in the midst of ongoing conflict, or having difficulty reaching agreement in a dispute, the Libra Full Moon can give new insights into what is needed to bring peace, diplomacy and sympathy to the situation. Aim to filter your ideas through the lens of give and take. We all need to be heard and to feel connected.

Try this Libra Full Moon activity

Allow your partner/friend five minutes uninterrupted time to speak about their needs while you listen. Don’t interrupt, even if your partner stops talking for some of the time. Swap roles. After each person has a turn to speak and to listen, relax and talk about the experience with each other. If you like, record what you have learnt from the exercise, in writing or through drawings/collage, either individually or together. Plan ahead, and have a delicious meal to share to bring the activity to a close.

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Happy are those who can hear the soul speak and have the courage to listen.

Kindly, Tessa

PS Thanks for the photo taken by Elena Mozhvilo, downloaded from Unsplash

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