Thinking about the future: Aquarius Sun

Thursday 20 January 2022 at 1:39pm AEDT

Each year, as the Sun enters the sign of Aquarius, we begin thinking about the future. In Australia, the holiday season ends and life usually returns to its daily rhythm. In 2022, it can be tricky to start thinking about the future. There are many reasons. The current news headlines are of great concern…

  • Increasing numbers of people with COVID-19
  • Environmental disasters
  • Adverse economic conditions
  • Employees forced out of their chosen profession
  • Food chain shortages and health system breakdowns

We welcome the Sun in Aquarius. It offers new and innovative ideas with which to revolutionise our thinking about the future.

New structures and ways of seeing

Archetypical Aquarian, Prometheus, defied the Greek Olympiad and shared the secret of fire with humans. Fire empowered humans to create a totally new structure for life. However Prometheus received a cruel punishment for his actions. There are two main messages from this tale.

First, it is important to do what you believe is right, no matter what the authorities say. Liberation, freedom, and authenticity are core Aquarius values. These qualities are strong in individuals who resolve to stand firm on their principles.

Second, it is worthwhile thinking differently about your human life. Accepting power relations as they are can keep you chained to old ways of being. This can lead to depression, anxiety, and frustration.

Thinking about the future differently brings light and hope so we welcome the Aquarian Sun.

Wishing for peace and compassion

In a short meditation practice for the new year, Tara Brach wisely suggests:

May there be a growing expression of peace, justice and compassion in our world

Tara Brach
Photo by Svyatoslav Rromanov on Unsplash

This sentiment comes from Jupiter’s current transit through the sign of Pisces (29 December 2021 – 10 May 2022; and 24 November – 21 December 2022).

Jupiter swells and enlarges. In Pisces, viruses and illnesses can thrive. Associated with the spread of COVID-19 infections, it has also credited with increasing our awareness of human vulnerability. Our compassion, empathy, and kindness towards other people has grown alongside the virus.

May this kindness spread out into the world and touch all humans who are struggling. May we be gentle with ourselves and each other in the current climate.

Relationships are central to our recovery

Thinking about the future involves our relationships. They help us to live a happy life. The Sun in Aquarius promotes relationships between groups of people. It helps communication flow through the sharing of ideas, hopes, and dreams.

This is a good time to turn your attention to your ‘tribe’. Connect with family or friends who help you feel comfortable enough to be your true self. The give and take of these healthy relationships makes life meaningful and worthwhile.

Purify and clear out unhealthy relationships

Venus is the planet of relationships and love. Venus changed direction on 19 December 2o21 (Venus retrograde). A purifying effect on Christmas Day may have helped you to ‘audit’ your relationships. If a relationship was unhealthy or destructive, you may have ended it in January (Venus conjunct Pluto).

From 29 January 2022, Venus will help you to develop cooperative and collaborative relationships (Venus direct 11Capricorn04). You will be less inward or inhibited after this date. If you missed the first opportunity to resolve power issues, try again on 4 March 2022 (Pluto and Venus conjoin again).

The Nodal Path as a source of guidance and hope

This month, the way we approach world issues will change. Less emphasis on talking about and researching the condition of our planet (Gemini North Node). More practical, constructive, and reality-based strategies to restore global health and fertility (North Node Taurus, 19 January 2022).

This change will replace old patterns of philosophising and searching for answers (Sagittarius North Node) with a complete process of breakdown and renewal (Scorpio South Node). System breakdown will reduce the amount of waste, poverty, and exploitation.

The guidance is to be patient and accept that improvement will be gradual (Taurus). It will take time to build a reliable supply system that can meet our food security, economic, and social needs.

Under the Aquarian Sun, thinking about the future represents a chance to describe your ideal utopia.

This new system will be carbon neutral and based on renewable energy sources. People will work from home or they will travel to work via car pooling, cycling, or public transport. Families will create neighbourhood networks that help raise children. They will also cultivate gardens, look after chickens, and recycle materials.

Governments will be accountable to the people because this Aquarian vision includes mechanisms like community forums and a truth-telling commission. Implementing the Uluru Statement from the Heart is a priority. Holding a referendum to amend the Constitution and enshrine a First Nations voice comes first.

If you are not thinking about the future yet, this could change on 25 January 2022 because cosmic forces are likely to increase your ability to be innovative and adventurous (Mars in Aquarius). Around the same time, a new idea or passion is likely to emerge from the past. This could excite you and encourage you to express your unique thoughts (Moon opposite Uranus, 26 January 2022).

By 5 February 2022, ideals are more likely to meld with practical creativity such as new routines and structures in your life (Aquarius Sun conjunct Saturn). Like Prometheus, hold firm to the principles of authenticity and freedom. Be wary of working alone. Find your voice and unite with those who share your ideals and dreams.

Kindly, Tessa

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