• Astrological information about what to expect in the month ahead
  • A sense of power and control over what is happening in your life
  • Insight into how to use your inner resources to have a happier life
  • A monthly publication for the most important person in your life – YOU

Every day the movement of the cosmos can potentially bring opportunity, challenge, love, conflict, surprise or celebration. Knowing when and how these astrological influences will enter and affect your life is a powerful thing. 

With this knowledge in your possession, you can plan when to invest energy or effort into a situation and when to hold back and relax. If you’re facing a decision or encountering resistance, your Astrodigest will provide guidance and ideas. Your Astrodigest is personalised to tap into the unique qualities and strengths that are the gift of you.

This publication is filled with information and tips to increase your ability to navigate life and achieve your goals. You will learn where to focus your attention for maximum growth. As events start to unfold you will have insight and control over how to respond in a positive way.

Your personal Astrodigest is prepared by professional astrologer, Astrotessa. It covers the entire month of astrological changes and developments that are relevant to you. Your Astrodigest is emailed to you on the last day of the current month.

This product is based on your birth data: date, place and time. Therefore it is essential that you provide this information when you place your order online.  

Be powerful and prepared. Order your personalised Astrodigest today!


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