Astrotessa Counselling


What’s included: 

      • Focus on you and your present life
      • Resolve conflicts with Astrology
      • Discover the cosmic energies embedded within you 
      • Decode the messages of the life-death-rebirth journey of your soul
      • One-on-one 60 minute session with Astrotessa
      • Audio recording of the session

Discover how, through mindful living practices, you can find happiness, joy & freedom from conflict.  

These sessions focus on what you bring, with insights from Astrology to reflect on current themes and events in your life. We might review what was discovered in a previous session, to find out how a challenge unfolded or an opportunity opened up for you.  You lead the journey with my intuitive. non-judgemental, listening support empowering you to go deeper and softer into a safe space, where you are connected and satisfied.

We begin with the body in which you have been born, which carries your spirit throughout this life, and invite you to take a deep breath, and another deep breath, giving you the time you need to focus.

We pay respects to the Traditional Custodians of the land on which you live, the Indigenous people of your region, and call upon the ancestral spirits of the land to be with us as we journey into a discovery of the cosmic energies embedded within you.

Mindfully, we trace your body from the souls of your feet to your torso and along your arms to your hands and fingers. We pause to feel the love in your hands as you hold your children, your lover, your ageing parents. Then we focus on your jaw, your mouth, your eyes, ears and the top of your head.

We acknowledge the energy above your head, the Earth’s moon, the Sun, the planets and the asteroids that circulate in space.  We call upon this universal energy source to be with us in the reading and give thanks to Astrology for giving us a system to decode the messages of the life-death-rebirth journey of your soul.

Now we are ready to go within.

Deepen your experience with life and use Astrology as a compass to find more happiness, joy and meaning in your life.


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