Astrotessa Counselling


Find happiness, joy & freedom from conflict.  

This service will focus on what is most important to you and your loved ones. Tessa offers a unique approach to counselling by adding astrology into the mix. With your permission, Tessa makes your birth chart relevant to what’s happening in your emotional life. You can begin the journey to a new way of seeing yourself now! Tap into Tessa’s intuitive, non-judgemental, listening skills. Find new ways to live with your grief, loss, frustrations or difficult relationships. All problems have solutions and Tessa’s positive approach is what you need.

Through astrology counselling you will get to know yourself better and learn to express your true nature. Using astrology, Tessa supports you to understand your patterns and your cycles. This means that you can free yourself from bad habits. It can also help you to access parts of your self that have been hidden by trauma.

Astrotessa Counselling will validate your experiences. It will help you to reclaim the power to be YOU. A counselling session with Astrotessa can set you on the path to real happiness.

Tessa is an experienced, empathetic counsellor. Her approach is sensitive, calm, caring and insightful. She has been an astrologer for over 40 years and is a qualified social worker. Tessa’s knowledge and understanding of the cycles of life through astrology can help you to find your true purpose.

Tessa is also a trained spiritual carer with experience supporting people at all stages of life. Her deep capacity to offer comfort and hope to people who encounter loss and grief may be relevant to you.

Connecting with Astrotessa will add a new dimension to your self-understanding. Astrotessa offers a trinity of services that fit together in a unique way to provide a highly effective solution in these challenging times.

Deepen your experience with life and use Astrology as a compass to find more happiness, joy and meaning in your life.


What’s included: 

      • Focus on you and your present life
      • Resolve conflicts with Astrology
      • Discover the cosmic energies embedded within you 
      • Decode the messages of the life-death-rebirth journey of your soul
      • One-on-one 60 minute session with Astrotessa
      • Audio recording of the session


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