Knowing yourself opens the door to more freedom and happiness in your life.

Self-knowledge is essential for a successful life.

Dear Friend Who Wants To Be Happy

This phrase ‘know thyself’ was inscribed on the entrance to the temple of Delphi thousands of years ago.

But this wisdom is even more relevant today.

If you don’t KNOW AND UNDERSTAND YOURSELF, you will not find your true happiness.

Now, that might seem a little overstated to you at first.

The truth is…

The temptation to follow other people’s choices is everywhere – in the media, in your neighbourhood, in your workplace, on television and online.

Everywhere we look, we are being told what to buy, who to love, how to live…

Being yourself takes courage and insight…

When you think about what can happen if you don’t discover who you truly are… like NOT doing the work you love and NOT having the relationships you desire … knowing yourself is the only way to go.

Self-knowledge is essential for a successful life. Uncovering the real you inside the bubble is what makes life worth living.

Astrotessa Discovery with Tessa

And you don’t have to do it alone.

My name is Tessa McPeake. I’m a fully qualified Astrologer with over thirty years experience helping people to know themselves and find true happiness.

As a client of mine, you’ll personally:

  • Discover how you can grow more strength, courage and confidence – in your job, your partner, your children and your friends. 
  • Understand your motivations, your challenges, your emotions, the way you love and adjust your goals and expectations so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted.
  • Liberate your creativity. When we look at your birth chart, you will discover all of the real you; your depth and your magnificence. 
  • Reveal the secrets and complexities of self through the ancient wisdom of Astrological symbols. Look at yourself and your life in a fresh, empowering language that has guided people for centuries.
  • Solve the mysteries of your life. Why do things happen to you? How do you end up in situations that you don’t want? What made you choose the fork in the road that led to where you are now? Find out why this happens and how you can avoid disappointments in life.
  • Take a step back from inner hurts and clear your confusion, anxiety and depression by changing your focus and seeing the Big Picture.  
  • See the entire fabric of your life unfold before you using predictive techniques that will tell you when new opportunities will appear in your life and how you can increase your happiness and satisfaction.
  • Get clearer about your hopes and visions. Discover more about yourself and what makes you truly happy.

For a limited time, new clients can discover how my Birth Chart reading can make a huge difference in your life – at absolutely no cost!

To help you know and understand yourself, contact me for a free sample session. Let’s discover the secret to true happiness. It just takes one, small committed step from you.

Be The Real You
Take Small Action Today For Big Results

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Many thanks for your heartfelt generosity. Delving into the depths of who we are is both exciting and challenging. Thank you again for teasing out and guiding me into my unfolding into more of me.
Tessa has extensive knowledge of Astrological theory and its application across a person's life. She explains complex Astrological happenings in a creative, clear and gentle way that assists me to bring together and heal different parts of my life. Tessa invites me to reflect on my relationships, habits and thinking so that I can have the future that I want, freer of troubles from my past. My life is better for the time we spend together.
Northern Territory
I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you again for a wonderful consultation on Friday. Your gentle encouragement to look at my chart in a different way has lingered and my mind keeps wandering to our chat when negative self-talk pops up. I can feel a shift, it's lovely.
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