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Astrologers think about time as a wheel. We see the cyclical nature of life in the movement of the Moon, Planets and Stars. Our understanding of life’s phases is based on scientific evidence from astronomy and astro-physics.

As the planets orbit the Sun, they connect with the Earth’s path from time to time. Just as the Moon’s orbit of the Earth affects the ocean tides and fertility cycles of animals and plants, we are all subject to the transiting energies of orbiting planets. This is the theory behind the Year Ahead reading.

There are three elements to this service. First, you will receive a personalised Events Calendar, which describes the experiences that are likely to occur at particular periods.

Key dates are provided with a detailed explanation that helps you to plan ahead with accuracy and assurance.

Second, you will receive a Lunar Cycle Report that can be used to track when you are in a growth or waxing phase, and when you are in a consolidation or waning phase.

This is a useful adjunct for planning investments, making life changes, or deciding when to expand and when to retire.

Third, you will be invited to a one hour consultation with Tessa to ask questions and clarify information. An audio recording of the consultation will be forwarded to you within 24 hours.

Choose this service to understand the lessons and achievements waiting for you and to know how to travel your life path with success.

Enjoy the success of knowing.


Track your progress this coming year.

  • Events Calendar, which gives the timing for the next twelve months
  • Lunar Cycle Report to track which phase you are in and where to focus your attention
  • One hour consultation with Tessa to discuss this information
  • Audio recording of the consultation (forwarded within 24hrs)

3 reviews for Year Ahead Reading

  1. Jenny

    Very insightful, thorough and helpful reading. Astrotessa is honest, kind, wise and lovely. You will love this session, highly recommend it.

  2. Annie

    To have a reading with Tessa is always so insightful and helpful. It is truly worthwhile to spend the time and money and have Astrotessa do your chart for clarity in the months or year ahead. Tessa delivers her readings and Astro counselling in a warm, open and trusting way. I highly recommend Tessa .

  3. Tracy

    Wow! I’ve had birth chart readings before but my reading from Tessa expanded on my basic astrology knowledge and really gave me practical insight, as well as spiritual guidance for the year ahead. If you’re thinking about whether this reading is for you, then this is the answer: YES! Book a reading for yourself and give one as a gift.

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