Birth Chart Reading


Birth chart readings are a perfect way to get clearer about your hopes and visions, and to understand the challenging parts of yourself that might trip you up sometimes.

The reading includes a comprehensive report that covers every aspect of your personality as seen in your Birth Chart. Find out what makes you a unique person. Learn about the types of situations and people that you are likely to be drawn to at work, in your home, and for fun and laughter.

You will be invited to explore the contents of your report in a one-hour consultation session. An audio recording of the consultation will be forwarded to you within 24 hours.

This practical approach works on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental and intuitive.  It provides a clear analysis of yourself to power up your life.  You receive validation for what has been happening and pointers to inner resources. The ultimate aim of this service is to help you heal inner hurts, clear up confused thoughts, and deal with vulnerabilities.

This is an excellent way to liberate your creativity and sense of play. It can be exciting to unlock the secrets and complexities of self  using ancient Astrological symbols. A Birth Chart reading allows you to discover all the facets of the real you; your depth and your magnificence.  With this self-understanding, you can solve the mysteries of your life and gain the freedom to shine.

Awaken to Your Self.


This session will help you discover more about yourself, your freedom and your happiness. 

What’s included:

  • Personalised natal chart with explanatory notes, including 12-month Lunar Energy report
  • Focus on your strengths and inner resources
  • Empathy for your struggles and vulnerabilities
  • Your life questions answered with positive suggestions
  • One hour consultation session with Tessa
  • Audio recording of the consultation (forwarded within 24hrs)

2 reviews for Birth Chart Reading

  1. Mia Maze (verified owner)

    A truly beautiful session. My Birth Chart Reading was the first of a series of sessions that I continue to have with Tessa. I found it fascinating to be able to use my cycle to improve my wellbeing. By making a note in my diary of my unique lunar phases I can tap into my personal phases of my cycles and observe my energy levels. I can now map out when I can make the most of my time. This is crucially important as a business owner and has ensured that I can also provide the best service to my clients. Before I completed this session with Tessa I just thought things happened. Now I am aware of when I can most effectively advance my business, put the right amount of energy into projects, communicate more effectively, I feel differently about my relationships and I have a new feeling of freedom and excitement. The impact of sudden and unexpected events that occur are now managed seamlessly as I am able to minimise the destructive efforts these might have had. Overall, I am now consciously aware of my lunar energy cycles and because these are personal to me, I am using my cycles to support and improve my physical and mental wellbeing. This is a gift that provides for ongoing effects and I highly recommend this reading. Tessa is so giving and goes above and beyond in her support to navigate life. I truly think that these readings are needed more than ever before. Thank you Tessa.

  2. Koko Casey

    I had my Birth Chart reading done by Tessa along with an interactive session and found it to be a real eye-opener into who I am and why I am choosing to do what I do. Understanding the planetary influences surrounding my decision making and direction made complete sense.
    Tessa is an exceptional expert in this field and I would recommend any person who is questioning their direction with their business or needing a little nudge of understanding why they do what they do to contact Tessa to enable some guidance to self clarity.
    Tessa enlightened me about the cosmic dynamics of my core values and beliefs pertaining to the intent of my business.
    Learning about my personal lunar cycles will definitely be beneficial and I will pay attention to the energy of the moon and connect on the optimal days for mindful meditation.
    Thank you Tessa, I learned so much and I am looking forward to continuing to work with you.
    Tessa’s knowledge and understanding is impressive, genuine and delivered in kindness.

    • Tessa McPeake

      Thank you for your kind words KOKO. It was wonderful to spend time with you and I too look forward to your astrology journey.
      Kindly, Tessa

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