Year Ahead and Birthday Reading


Empower your life by finding out how your year will unfold with Astrological guidance.  Understand life’s phases using scientific evidence that can reassure you about where you are at in the cycle of life.

Astrologers think about time as a wheel, not as a line. We see the cyclical nature of life in the movement of the moon, planets and stars. Our understanding of life’s phases is based on scientific evidence.

The Sun, Moon and faster-moving planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) regularly return to the same position at your birth, therefore Astrologers can predict how their current cycle will impact your life now and in the near future.

When the cycles of the slower-moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn) conjoined in 2020, the combined energy impacted on the lives of all people living on this planet, not just you. The pandemic and the economic downturn are understood through an Astrology lens. We can see how your experience of these major events will play out within your personal birth chart.

Live consciously, with passion and purpose. Start today. Recognise where you are on the wheel of life. Get up close and personal with the growth challenges ahead. You are being invited to journey through your life with awareness. Understand the lessons and achievements waiting for you and know that you can call on your inner resources and strengths to travel your life path with success.  The success of knowing.

Enjoy the success of knowing.


Track your progress this coming year.

  • Find out good times for holidays, starting new projects or renovating your home
  • Taste the flavour of things to come
  • Discover the silver lining and purpose of the year ahead
  • One-on-one 60 minute session with Astrotessa
  • Audio recording of the session


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