Spiritual Self Care


  • Get help to make sense of your life on a deeper level
  • Find out how to fulfil your hopes and dreams for a peaceful life
  • Learn new practical ways to nourish your spirit and nurture self-care
  • Consolidate your spiritual journey by purchasing a series of sessions at a reduced price.

Do you want to get in touch with your spiritual self?
With over 25 years’ experience as a meditator Tessa knows the benefits of spending time each day with her spiritual self.
Tessa can support you to make space in your life for spiritual self-care.
We live in a culture that puts material values above all else. Even the focus on physical and mental health is about improving our capacity to be productive in the workforce or as carers. We are constantly being asked to conform or to contribute in some way.
There is little or no guidance to develop and maintain our spiritual health. If you or your family do not go to a church, your life may have lacked information about spiritual self-care.
These sessions will help you to recognise the spiritual part of your life and to care for this important aspect of your being.
What is a spiritual self?
At the core of each person is a timeless essence that awakens when you stop doing and simply be aware. This experience of being in the moment comes from your spiritual self.
Spending time in this zone of concentrated awareness gives the other parts of your being a rest. It also connects you to a universal energy that will support your life.
Your spiritual self is a precious resource of deep joy, safety, compassion, and non-judgement.
Introduce yourself to your spiritual self and learn how to care for it today.


1 session, 4 sessions


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