Local Space Astrology


Plan your home and your garden using Local Space Astrology

This new form of astrology will have an amazing impact on your life. Imagine seeing your birth chart laid out in the four directions: North, South, East and West. The potential benefits of this information are unlimited!

The first step is to print your horoscope onto a transparent sheet so that it can be overlaid onto your house plans, the layout of your garden, your suburb, your town, your city, your country, the world. It all starts with you. When we align the energies of your birth chart with the magnetic energies of the earth, we open up the possibility of increasing your power for personal growth and unlocking the doors to achieving more harmony and balance in your life.

How does it work?

Each planet is associated with a type of energy, for example Venus represents fertility, art, pastel colours and perfumed flowers whereas Mars represents action, the colour red and exercise equipment. Therefore, if your Venus is placed on the Eastern side of your home and Mars is placed on the Northern side, then put a pastel coloured artwork in the East and locate the home-gym in the North. When objects are placed along the directions of your chart, they increase the authenticity and purity of those energies within you.

Local Space astrology can be used to design what types of objects, furnishings, plants or flowers will enhance your birth energies to their highest state. If you live with a partner or in a family situation, then the combined astrology of the people will be considered.

  • Find out the best location for you to live and how to decorate your home
  • Arrange your bedroom, living area and garden to better match your moods
  • Have more success with growing plants, trees, flowers and vegetables
  • One-on-one 45 minute session with Tessa
  • Take-away transparent map of your chart for you to use at any time in any location


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