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Forming a Business Partnership can be an exciting development in your business story. Working closely with another person and sharing ideas, strategies, and goals is a proven way to increase business success. The potential for growth, expansion, and success is immediately doubled, and each partner gains from the arrangement. 

Business owners enter a Business Partnership for various reasons including:

  • A wish to share the load and increase the business reach. 
  • A desire to find someone with a complementary skillset.
  • An offer to form a Business Partnership for a specific initiative or innovation. 

Business Partnership Astrology identifies the qualities, strengths and skills brought to the relationship by each partner. It also compares the birth charts of each partner using three techniques:

  1. Synastry Analysis finds areas of easy flow and collaboration, and identifies the nature of any friction or challenge between the partners
  2. Dynamic Analysis highlights the areas in each partner’s life where the other partner’s influence is most potent, and describes the nature of this influence
  3. Composite Analysis combines the two birth charts into a separate entity, which describes the nature and potential of the Business Partnership.

The reading is suitable for new and existing Business Partnerships. Constructive suggestions are offered to increase harmony and reduce negative trends developing.

Find out what makes your Partnership succeed and learn how to build on this success!

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What’s included:

  • Synastry Report – how you connect and communicate
  • Dynamic Analysis – how your Business Partner influences you and vice versa
  • Composite Chart – how your Business Partnership operates in the world 
  • 60-minute consultation with Tessa
  • Audio recording of the consultation (forwarded within 24hrs)


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